New Feature: Something to Talk About™

We’re happy to announce the release of an exciting experience – Something to Talk About.  It’s designed to help you get the conversation started with your matches in a fun and light way. We first introduced this feature a few months ago, and now we’ve made it even better.

Here at eHarmony, one of the most rewarding things we get to do is meet the members who have been successful on our service.  If you walk down our halls here in Pasadena, you’ll see countless couples’ pictures on our walls.  As we build new features and services, all of the photos, stories and in-person meetings with our couples are constant reminders of what we’re working toward.

It’s always interesting to hear the stories from our success couples on how their first date went.  As you can imagine, we’ve heard some interesting conversation starters over the years.  One couple told us that they quickly figured out that they both really liked Skittles.  Another talked about how they debated for hours over which of the Godfather movies was the best.  The couples often recount that the ice really broke at the moment they discovered they shared an interest.

Our goal with Something to Talk About is to try to help you capture that special moment when you both realize that you have something interesting in common.  We still send you matches based on compatibility, but finding that you have things in common with your match should help you get the ball rolling.

Here’s how to get started:
1)    Log in to your account
2)    Click on the My Profile tab at the top of the page
3)    Click on the Something to Talk About tab on the left side of the page

From here, fill out as many or as few of the topics as you like.  Some questions are open ended questions, for others it’s as simple as picking a photo, as in this example for “Sports”:

Once you’ve filled out your information, we’ll do the rest.  From that point on, anytime you and your matches have similar interests we’ll let you know.  You’ll be able to see what you have in common if you look over on the right side of your match’s profile:

We hope you like this new experience, and we look forward to helping you find that special someone.

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