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Black Dating: How eharmony helps you find a compatible partner

by eharmony Editorial Team August 13, 2021

We’re all looking for the right person. But who that is can hinge on things like your values, interests, relationship goals, background and, most importantly, personal taste. Whether you want a wider range of Black dating opportunities or trying to find someone who you share a lot of commons interest with, we can help you find them quickly and easily. What makes eharmony so special under all these dating sites is that we create a path toward real love for Black women and men. We intelligently connect you with your counterpart in our diverse membership. We match you with people, who share similar values, interests and preferences like you. So, the odds are in your favour to find a partner for a meaningful relationship. 

Black dating at a glance

Let’s take a look at some facts and figures on Black dating in the U.S.1:

  • There are about 16 million adult single Black people living in the U.S.
  • Black women have a higher rate of singleness than Black men.
  • The median age for Black people in the country is 34.
  • The five cities with the most active Black dating scenes are Detroit, Baltimore, Atlanta, Memphis and Cleveland.

Challenges facing Black singles today

Like anyone in this modern era actively dating, Black people have to contend with both old and new challenges that cropped up within contemporary dating culture:

Meeting other Black Men and women

As a minority group, getting to know Black singles can often be a little more challenging than on the regular dating scene. While there are always venues and events marketed towards various cultures and ethnicities, these can sometimes be out of the way or not part of your dating style. 

If you’re often wondering, “Where are there Black singles near me?” you could try meeting someone through friends or using a dating service geared towards your relationship goals.    

Incompatible relationships goals

While you may share chemistry and be highly compatible, these factors often take a back seat to what you’re both currently looking for. It’s a common pitfall of modern dating for many Black singles.

It’s always a good idea to establish your expectations with the other person early on.

Not enough time to scroll through Black dating sites

Our personal and professional lives can demand so much from us, it often leaves little free time for dating. You may have space in your life for a relationship, but you can’t spare the time to look for just the right one.

If you single and Black, dating apps can help you find the right person for you quickly and effectively. It also gives you the flexibility to easily explore multiple options at once.  

How we help you find real compatibility as pioneer under the black dating sites

Black dating is made easy through eharmony. Our versatile platform lets you quickly and simply find people that fit your criteria and introduces you to new dating opportunities outside your typical social circle, thanks to our Compatibility Matching System.

Let’s look at some of our most helpful features:

1. A quick and easy joining process

Signing up on our Black dating site is simple. Just pick your gender, the gender you’re interested in and you’re off. Not in the mood to fill out your profile? Complete our easy 20-minute, 80 question Compatibility Quiz  when you join.. We use your answers to populate your profile with useful initial information about you! 

2. Our Compatibility Matching System that looks at the real you

After finishing our Compatibility Quiz you’ll also get your very own Personality Profile. This is how eharmony differs from other Black dating sites. It’s a helpful and detailed breakdown of your personality that looks into your character, lifestyle, as well as you communicate and your relationship styles. We feed this into our Compatibility Matching System, which uses our advanced algorithm to find other like-minded singles who you have a higher probability of building a meaningful relationship with.

3. Robust filters that put you in the driver’s seat

All suitable profiles are put into your Match List. The list is populated instantly, and we keep updating it as new members join. You can start applying filters such as simply looking for local Black singles or use more advanced filters such as whether or not they’re a smoker or want children someday, for instance.

4. Profiles that give you real insights into people

Once you’ve found some matches on your list who seem to fit what you’re looking for, you can either start chatting or take a look at their profile, to get some more background before you reach out. Our profiles are designed to not only to give you the hard facts you need on the other person but also help serve as a window into what they’re really like, what makes them special and the passions that drive them.

Make Black dating a successful experience thanks to eharmony

At eharmony, we prefer to place value on real love and meaningful relationships. Our platform is designed for more than just finding singles nearby. We help you discover and nurture previously unseen potential connections around you and foster open-minded and meaningful interactions between our diverse user-base. This is what differs us from other Black dating sites. Whether you’re living in an idyllic rural town, can only spare two nights every month for dating or just grown tired of the usual dating scene, eharmony can help you meet local Black men and women and empower you to take control of your dating life. Join us today and start connecting.

How black dating works with eharmony

Your search for a great relationship has never been easier with groundbreaking overhaul of the eharmony you know and trust.

  1. Figures are estimates based on ethnic population and national social and marital status demographic data by PewResearch