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Muslim Dating: How to Find a Compatible Partner Your Way

Muslims are followers of Islam, one of the world’s largest and most widely practiced religions that finds its origins in the Arabic Peninsula and South Asia. Characterized by a strong commitment to the faith and the bonds of family, Muslim dating can show equal devotion.

As the fastest growing religion in the U.S., today there are significant Muslim communities across the country, represented by almost every major ethnic group. An impressive diversity almost equal to that of its origins. We look at some of the opportunities and challenges for modern Muslim singles both in the U.S. and globally, and why eharmony is your best bet finding real love.

The facts and figures of Muslim dating at a glance

Here are some dating statistics on Muslims in the U.S., provided by Pew. 

  • There are about 3.45 million Muslims living in the U.S. and 55% of them are single.
  • That’s about 1.2 million single Muslim men and 664,000 single women.
  • The average age of Muslims in the U.S. is young, at 33. The national average is 38.
  • New Jersey and Chicago have two of the most active Muslim dating scenes in the country.

Obstacles for modern Muslim singles

No matter where you’re from, modern dating comes with its ups and downs. However, there are a few factors Islamic singles have to deal with when looking for the right person.

People have a lot of preconceptions about your relationships

Whether we like it or not, the society we live in has a profound effect on how we meet and form relationships outside of family. Western society often has an underdeveloped understanding of Muslim dating practices and often views Muslims as a monolithic. For the more modern Muslims, who have a less conservative approach like Islamic dating, they practice something called “halal dating” –  modern dating while still observing the doctrines of Islam – these preconceptions can make it harder for Muslims to find suitable dating ways in their daily life, compared to Christian dating or other religions.

Your family and friends are always trying to set you up

Many Muslim singles in their 20s have at least a few close relatives that are always on the lookout for other people to set them up with. While this often can make things a lot easier for you, many complain that the only qualifying factor in these setups is the fact that they are also an appropriately aged Muslim who lives in the same city as you, rather than you two actually being a good fit together.

Muslim dating with the pressure to find someone early

Women tend to experience this more acutely than men do but there is a general societal pressure in Islam to find someone in your 20s. While this used to be the global outlook, there’s an increased contemporary trend of putting marriage off, which can inspire some dissonance. As singles get older, they may feel a certain pressure to compromise on their standards to find somebody, which can possibly lead to relationship issues down the line.

Meet Someone unique to you on muslim dating site eharmony

You may have already tried some kind of Muslim dating app. However, where eharmony is different is that we specialize in connecting like-minded singles looking for meaningful long-term relationships and marriage, based on a scientific approach to human compatibility.

1. Muslim dating based on compatible matches

Matching on eharmony is powered by our Compatibility Matching System, a sophisticated algorithm that uses a series of matching rules to find people with contrasting and complementary personality traits that would suit you in a relationship. We’re able to do this based on every member’s Personality Profile, a handy and intuitive report on your personality, communication style and relationship goals. Muslim dating on eharmony means, we construct every member’s Personality Profile based on our Compatibility Quiz, which you complete when you register. The quiz is quick. It’s expertly designed to explore both the conscious and subconscious aspects of your character and expectations.

2. Our profiles give you a comprehensive view on other Muslim singles

Compared to other Muslim dating sites, our profiles are filled with useful information about our members. The benefit is that you can get a proper picture of them before reaching out. They combine the information you’d find in a typical biodata combined with other aspects of their lives including their hobbies, values and passions. For instance, our About Me is structured as short-format questions designed to give an insight into what this person is like in their everyday life. Some of the questions include:

  • Where do you see yourself five years from now?
  • What always makes you laugh?
  • Who’s the most influential person in your life?

3. Find the right person in a few clicks With a Muslim dating app

Any eharmony member that we think you’d be a good fit with based on your Personality Profile is put into your Match List. This list is continually updated as more members join. From here, you can start filtering Muslim singles based on the things that are most important to you. Premium members have access to a number of filters that let you specify the exact type of person you’re looking for. There are basic filters for region, ethnicity and religion and even more advanced filters that let you sort your matches based on their income level or their education, for example. 

Muslim dating with success: Meet your next potential partner on your terms

Whether you’re Halal or Islamic dating and looking to effectively explore some new dating opportunities both in your area and further afield or you’re looking to use a service as a medium for finding a partner and forming a deep connection through the platform, our Muslim dating site is perfectly suited to you. With our diverse membership, range of communication features and our advanced matching system, we can help you not only find the perfect partner but also foster and build on that initial connection until it blooms into a meaningful relationship. Find it on eharmony. Join today.   

HOW Muslim Dating WORKS with eharmony

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