Tony and Sage Robbins: How to Attract Love and the Right Relationship

Best-selling author, award-winning speaker and peak performance strategist Tony Robbins and his wife Sage are offering up their advice about how to attract love and a great relationship. We asked the couple, together for 14 years, for their dating and relationship tips in conjunction with our focus on love for this month of February. What we got in return was an exclusive (amazing) video with Tony and Sage — and some terrific insight into what prevents us from finding love, along with the steps it takes to actually get there.

So what blocks most of us from finding a great relationship? According to Tony,”Most people think they need the right strategy, the right thing to say or the place to go. Strategy is important in life, but strategy isn’t what holds people back from finding a great relationship. It’s a belief system in their heads that limits them, it’s the story.”

He knows this firsthand because he went through situations in his own life which left him with negative associations and “stories” as well: “I was in the same place. I ended a relationship. The last thing I wanted was another relationship. I associated so much pain with it. The only thing that keeps you from getting what you want is the story about why you can’t have it or why you don’t have it. Common stories are things like…all the good ones are taken…or I’m not ready…or I’m in a later stage of life.”

“If you are all uptight about relationships, the level of tension in your body pushes people away from you. If you are thinking ‘relationships aren’t for me’, you throw off an aura that makes people not be attracted to you — then you wonder why people aren’t approaching you.”

If any of this sounds familiar — watch Tony and Sage’s video. The two open up about their former relationships and how they were able to find love again, along with three specific things to do to attract the right person into your life. It’s worth the watch — and could make a pretty profound impact on your life if you are open to it!

Enjoy Tony and Sage’s video here.

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