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Find Love that Lasts: Great Ways Off and Online to Gain Real Love

by eharmony Editorial Team - April 18, 2021

We have heard that love is incredible, it is life-changing, life is incomplete without it, in fact we’ve heard it’s the be-all and end-all of a great life. But are you wondering why is love hasn’t happened for you? Are you worried you may never find love and end up being single forever?

To find real love, you must first change your perspective about love itself. Most of us think love is a magical thing that just happens when you meet someone with whom you have everything in common. In reality, lasting love is not something based on physical chemistry or temporary emotions.

How to find love that is true, rare, and real – 7 strategies

Finding love is not meant to be easy but when you follow some rules, you can attract the love you deserve. A new perspective and some good dating strategies are all that you need when you decide to embark on the journey of love.

1. Change for yourself but not to get someone to fall in love with you

When you have to change yourself to get someone to like you, there are major chances that the person will never turn out to be your true, compatible partner. You will soon realize it is difficult to be someone who you’re not.

Your goal should be to find love with someone who complements your personality. When you embrace your true self, it is easier to filter out bad matches and attract only women or men who resonate with the real you!

Tip: Strive to be the best version of yourself and wear your real personality.

2. Do not put a timeline to love

You should not be treating love as a life goal or a project. When you look for love, keep your heart and mind open. To attract love, you should discover what you really want. Build friendships and nurture them. When you treat love as a goal, it becomes more like a chore.

Tip: Seek true love and form meaningful relationships organically.

3. Be proactive – love is not a one-way process

When you want to be in love, you cannot be dreaming of a movie-like situation where you will just bump into your soul mate at a café or a supermarket. You have to get out there and put some effort. Meet people, join like-minded groups, or use online platforms – you can adopt either of these approaches or all of them.

Tip: You have to play your part in making love happen.

4. Set realistic expectations

Having a big list of criteria on how your partner should be or holding constricted views on how love should manifest, will only lead to disappointments. You should focus on values that are important to you rather than physical appearances or conversational flow.

Tip: Be ready to find and receive love, for it can happen anytime.

5. Adopt a nurturing mindset

When you meet someone new, avoid judging them instantly. Restrain from imposing expectations and drawing conclusions. Being clear and upfront about your needs is one thing, being a critic and closing off a connection is another. A nurturing dating mindset will help you in forming long-term relationships.

Tip: Make an effort to know someone well.

6. Set your priorities straight

We all dream of an ideal partner, but in reality, you cannot find all qualities in one person. Of the 50 things on your list, decide what is most important to you. If emotional sensitivity and core-values are a priority then focus on them. While finding love online, narrow down your non-negotiables, but don’t be too picky.

Tip: Love is all about accepting those little imperfections too.

7. Do not fear love

Are you divorced or you have had your heart broken several times? Do you fear the challenges of dating again and wondering how to find love?

Well, it is natural to feel awkward, scared, or both. But, remember you deserve someone worthy of your love. Put aside societal pressures. Try dating when you are ready and not when you are lonely. Stay away from toxic people and connections. If you have lost the confidence to date, make an effort to build it again – improve your looks and personality.

Tip: Identify your voids and address them. Be happy and optimistic. You can find true love.

Find love that lasts with eharmony

eharmony is a great way seeking for a partner online. The dating site and app is available in more than 190 countries and it’s the perfect platform for people who are seeking long-term, serious relationships. At the core of eharmony’s 20+ years of success is the Compatibility Matching System. To find love, all you got to do is register, complete the Compatibility Quiz, create a profile, and you are good to start your journey.

eharmony guides you through your decision-making process by including highly relevant information on member profiles. These dating profiles are designed to give a concise but clear idea of the person, what they value in relationships and what their passions are. You are going to have a lot of options and you can always set your match preferences.

The scientific matching algorithms based on 32 dimensions of compatibility will find you a like-minded partner. When you spark a connection online, the dating site and app helps establish initial interactions. eharmony also fosters better real-life dates as it helps you build a rapport by the time you meet.

Whether you are shy or tired of bad dates, dating for the first time or dating after a divorce – eharmony brings a rainbow of hope for every personality type and life situation.

True love is built, slowly and with great care!

Great relationships are not accidents, it is something that survives through all the ups and downs, trials and tribulations, and withstands the test of time. Finding the right person is possible when you stop looking for perfection. Love will find you when you are ready for it, and then you need to put some effort to sustain it. No matter who you are or how specific your preferences, there is someone out there who is compatible to you. Join eharmony, explore the possibilities, and allow the site to set you on the right path to love.

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