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A Look at the El Paso Dating Scene and Your Place in It

by eharmony Editorial Team - March 6, 2023

Dating in El Paso can sometimes feel like life in the old wild west. Someone’s always trying to outdraw you, everyone plays with their cards close to their chest and cowboy boots are as prevalent as ever. Dramatics aside, El Paso can sometimes feel like a city that’s filled with dating potential as it is with history but also one where it can be difficult to know where to start. Particularly when you’re looking for a partner that matches you and how you like to experience the city. So let’s take a closer look at the El Paso dating scene and how you can get in on the fun. 

Some of the challenges facing modern El Paso singles

The city can come with its dating obstacles. Some are unique to El Paso dating while others are universal factors affecting dating life. You might wonder, is El Paso good for singles? People dating in El Paso will have to overcome the intense traffic due to the nearby Borderplex. This can make dating a lot more localized as people avoid traveling.

El Paso is also very traditional and family oriented, which can stifle some singles, resulting in a younger marrying age and a reduced dating pool. However, with almost 54,6% of the population unmarried according to the US Census Bureau, there is no doubt that El Paso dating prospects are out there1

Where you can meet new singles in the city

While the nightlife reflects the vibrancy of the El Paso populace, it can also get tiring after a while. If you’re wondering where to meet singles in El Paso, here are some handy downtown alternatives:

  • Join a hiking group – take advantage of those 300 days of sun while improving your health with large groups and possibly meeting new El Paso dating prospects. The most popular is the El Paso Hiking Group.
  • Rooftop bars – Local favorites include Circa 1963 and La Perla. These provide a nice weekend alternative to typical indoor bars and tend to be more crowded with El Paso singles during the daytime.
  • Volunteer – El Paso has many different causes to get involved with, depending on what’s important to you. Volunteering for a cause you’re passionate about is a great way to encounter like-minded people in a spirited setting.
  • Take a class – El Paso has some top-class institutions that offer many short courses and workshops to improve yourself. Classes are naturally social environments, with group coursework making it easy to meet other students. 
  • Online dating – It’s hard to ignore the near-universal adoption of dating apps. They let you take more control of your dating life, letting you flirt and date literally in any place at any time.     

eharmony helps you tame the El Paso dating scene

There are almost 300,000 single people in El Paso. While this can feel like a lot of options, that can be a double-edged sword as it’s also 300,000 people that you have to sort through to find the person you’re meant to be with.

The reason so many El Paso singles use eharmony is that we help you cut through the noise of the modern dating scene to build real and meaningful connections with singles who are worth your limited time and emotional energy.

We also make use of our 2 decades of experience and the data from having already helped 2 million people find real love. So instead of you doing the legwork, you get intelligently matched by our algorithm with singles with whom you are more likely to build a successful and happy relationship. 

Here’s how our platform even addresses the dating challenges felt by local singles, mentioned above:

  • eharmony gives you enhanced control over proximity to make finding out who’s single in your neighborhood simple. Our platform and communication features, such as Icebreakers also let you build a meaningful connection through eharmony, giving you time to get closer before you decide to meet.
  • eharmony has very powerful filters. These let you find El Paso dating connections that fit your relationship checklist. From your Match List of compatible options, you can filter based on age, country, education, religion, desire for children, shared interests and so much more.  
  • Our profiles are also designed to be concise yet expressive of the other person’s values, beliefs, passions and personal dating goals, so you can make a more informed decision before reaching out.

Top first date spots in El Paso

Once you’ve met someone special on our dating site or app and are ready to meet in person, you might need some first date ideas:

  • Duets Karaoke Bar – Singing in front of someone can require a bit of confidence for a first date, but the good news is no one expects you to be good and it quickly breaks the ice.
  • Rubiks Arcade Bar – This is a nice low-pressure first date location, where you can get some good bar snacks and then try to outplay each other on the old-school arcade games.
  • Scenic Drive Park – If the name wasn’t enough of a hint, this park isn’t short of stunning vistas. Particularly breathtaking at sunset, bring a simple picnic to end the drive on a high note.

Take you dating life by the horns with eharmony

So while the El Paso dating scene may not exactly have lost the Wild West roots of its setting it’s also a very energetic, sometimes dreamy cityscape where just the act of looking and exploring can feel like its own reward. If you’re looking for someone special to experience the magic of El Paso with, eharmony can provide you with all the tools you need to find a real, meaningful connection. Let us help you find them – join eharmony today.    

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  1. source: US Census Bureau