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Navigating the Oklahoma Dating Scene: Tips and Tricks for Finding Your Perfect Partner

by eharmony Editorial Team - April 24, 2023

Known for its breathtaking scenery as well as its key place in American frontier history, Oklahoma has something for everyone. Regardless of whether you’re a sports fan, a lover of art and culture, a foodie, a Wild West aficionado, or something else entirely, you’ll find something to pique your interest in America’s 46th state. Anyone considering dating in Oklahoma has plenty of options, from football games to horseback rides and much more.

Oklahoma dating: What does the City offer?

There are many upsides to dating in Oklahoma, beyond the low cost of living and the lack of a daily grind. You’ll find that the state comes by its reputation for friendliness honestly – Oklahoma City isn’t called The Big Friendly for nothing, and you can find Southern hospitality in every corner of the state. The state is also far more diverse than most people realize – over 35 Native American languages are spoken in Oklahoma, and the state is home to several of the largest Native nations.

Plus, something like 51,1% of Oklahoma’s residents are singles1, meaning that you have plenty of potential partners to explore the state’s natural beauty, fascinating history, and great dining scene with.

Exploring the characteristics of Online Dating in Oklahoma

According to a recent survey, something like a fifth of all current relationships have had their start on the Internet.2 While many Oklahoma singles still depend on friends or family to introduce them to future partners, or look for them in bars or at clubs, more and more dating in Oklahoma is happening online. Taking your search for love to the internet offers many advantages over doing it the old-fashioned way, including:  

  • the ability to look for potential partners outside of your own geo.
  • the ability to filter your search depending on what exactly you’re looking for in a partner.
  • the ability to take your time while getting to know a partner.
  • the ability to look for a partner when and where you want, whether in the grocery store, while waiting in line, or at home.
  • the ability to make clear what kind of relationship you’re looking for right from the start.

Why eharmony is a great choice for Oklahoma dating

Of all the possible Oklahoma dating sites, there is no better choice for Oklahoma singles looking for real love than eharmony. Since 2000, eharmony has been helping singles of all ages, backgrounds, and interests find compatible partners. As one of the most trusted dating apps around, eharmony and our unique Compatibility Matching System have a proven track record – as a matter of fact, someone falls in love on eharmony every 14 minutes!

Using eharmony to get started with dating in Oklahoma

eharmony is not your average dating site; it’s also designed with the users in mind to be easy for its members to use. All you need is a device that can connect to the internet and some free time.

  • Your first step is to create an account, either on the eharmony site or the app.
  • Next, you’ll take the Compatibility Quiz. This is a detailed questionnaire we ask every eharmony user to complete, so we can understand their history, their likes and dislikes, and what they want in a relationship.
  • After that, you’ll complete your eharmony profile: Your profile will be the first impression other users will have of you, meaning it’s even more important to take your time and be detailed. Don’t worry if you can’t think of what to say; we have questions and prompts to help your creativity spark.
  • While you’re filling in your profile, eharmony’s unique Compatibility Matching System is hard at work identifying potential partners for you from our large pool of eligible singles. The algorithm even lists them in order of compatibility to make things easier for you.
  • Finally, it’s time to start talking! Send a message to get the conversation started.

Find yourself blazing a trail to true love in Oklahoma

Oklahoma has a fascinating history, from its pioneer days to the oil that brought it its twentieth-century prosperity. This history makes for a fascinating state filled with fascinating people and no shortage of things to see and do, from driving down historic Route 66 to sampling cutting-edge fusion cuisine to being swept up in the madness of college football. When it comes to Oklahoma dating, though, you’ll find no better partner than eharmony, so sign up and get started on your journey to real love today.

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eharmony has helped millions of people find real love over the past 20+ years, and we’re on a mission to help millions more achieve the same.

  1. According to the US Census Bureau 

  2. According to eharmony statistics