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Singles in Texas – A Look at Dating Life in the Lone Star State

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

Texas is famous for a lot of things, the superiority of its barbecue, its vibrant music scene and just its sheer size. And it’s owing to this size and diversity that for singles, Texas is also a state of endless wonder and possibility. Whether you’re in historic Fort Worth, on the San Antonio River Walk, at an Austin concert, staring out at the glittering Houston skyline or in the High Plains of Lubbock, the right person for you can never be too far away. The only real question is: where? 

What the single life in Texas is like

If you’re dating, Texas has not only culturally dynamic cosmopolitan hubs but untamed national parks and idyllic towns that immediately evoke that classic image of the old west. It’s not short of things to do and with a staggering 9.7 million singles in Texas, people to explore them with. From Houston’s rich theatre district to Austin’s off-the-beaten-path Tex-Mex and music locales, activities for dates need never run dry. 

However, it is within this sprawling diversity and cultural variety that the idea of dating in Texas becomes a bit intimidating. Where do I meet people with similar interests? How do I approach them? How many times do I have to repeat this process to meet the right person? For single men and women in Texas, dating online is often favored as a less intensive and time-consuming avenue.   

The benefits of online dating in Texas

The image of using an online dating site or app has seen a transformation in recent years, with many singles in Texas and around the world using these services by default rather than as a stop-gap. These platforms have come to be seen as a safe, pressure-free space in which to quickly explore these preliminary questions of compatibility in terms of both personality as well as what the other person is looking for. With contemporary shifts in gender politics, the sometimes fleeting nature of the modern dating scene and the well-publicized successes people have had with the technology – such as couples who met online having more successful marriages there are some examples to mention.   

If you’re living in Texas, dating can have a lot of the guesswork taken out for you by a specialized service like eharmony, which is aimed at singles specifically looking for relationships.  

Why people find dating in Texas easier with eharmony

  • No need to spend your day swiping, simply fill out a Compatibility Quiz and eharmony’s matching system will automatically present you with profiles that fit what you’re looking for in a partner.
  • A incredibly large and diverse dating community with detailed profiles means you’ll have a lot of options to find someone compatible to you.
  • eharmony guides you throughout the process and helps you with the first steps in reaching out to your next potential partner.

Making dating simpler for singles in Texas

With its lively dating scene, its endlessly energetic medley of entertainment and cuisine and its richly diverse cultural tapestry, there are few better places to meet and get to know that special somebody than Texas. In dating, it’s often just about finding who’s out there and getting a little nudge in the right direction. Let eharmony do the finding and the nudging so you can take care of the rest.

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