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Tulsa Singles: How to Let Love Find You Offline and Online

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

A bustling metropolis that combines Southern charm, a long and storied history, and world-class attractions, there’s plenty to offer for singles in Tulsa. From amazing food and nightlife to one of the best arts scenes in the country to some of the warmest, most welcoming people, T-Town has it all. Plus, with over half the population (55%) being single, it’s a great time to be dating in this city.

Why singles in Tulsa aren’t fans of traditional dating

Hitting the bar is a tried-and-tested method of finding someone to date. But more and more, singles are eschewing bars in favor of other ways of finding someone special. Which isn’t that surprising, when you think about it – bars tend to be noisy and poorly lit, and going up to a stranger, even with the benefit of alcohol, is a daunting task even for the bravest of Tulsa singles. Plus, with their busy schedules, many singles here don’t have time for bars. But don’t fret; there’s still plenty of options if you want meet new people the old-fashioned way.

Where to start dating in Tulsa

Even with bars not in play, Tulsa offers many places and activities to bump into someone new:

  • The Gathering Place was created with the explicit goal of bringing people together, which makes this riverfront park a great way to meet singles in Tulsa.
  • If you’re a music fan, the many concerts and other music-related events have a good atmosphere to flirt and make contact with like-minded others.
  • Do good and build up new connections by signing up to volunteer – win-win!
  • Take a class at the University of Tulsa. You’ll add to your resume and you might just find a study buddy for life.

Online dating in Tulsa is crowned with success

There’s a lot to be said for living in a town like Tulsa… but a large dating pool isn’t one of them. Which is why singles are increasingly looking for relationships through dating apps. Dating online in Tulsa also means you can escape the bar scene and instead look for the long-term relationship you want at your own pace.

On, it’s all about you and words that matter

When you’re looking for a real, long-term relationship, you need more than pictures, which is why with on eharmony, user profiles are design to provide you with ample information so you can really get to know any potential partners before you even start talking.

There’s space for you to upload photos and show visitors all the different aspects of your personality. Rather words than images? Use the ‘Personal Quote’ and the ‘What’s On My Mind’ sections to let people know what you think. Add a quote to give people a snapshot of who you are, and use status updates to keep them, well, updated.

With eharmony, filling out your profile is so much easier – there’s a set of short, carefully chosen questions that tell any potential partners all about you. You can also list any hobbies you might have – you never know who might also love dogs, or have been to Bali.

For anyone in a hurry, your profile also has a ‘Who Am I’ page with answers to four important questions – ‘I’m Thankful For’, ‘Best Life Skills’, ‘Things I Can’t Live Without’ and ‘My Friends Describe Me As…’ that makes it easy to get the most important information about you in one shot – plus it makes for a great way to start a conversation!

Top 5 fun Tulsa first date ideas

Here are some of our favorite first date activities and tips:

  • Blow your date’s mind with a glassblowing class date at Tulsa Glassblowing School.
  • Or if that seems too much, you can get a taste of it (and other arty stuff in Tulsa) at the First Fridays Art Crawl.
  • Go old school with a bowling date night at Dustbowl Lanes and Lounge.
  • Add a little culture to your first personal encounter and spend it wandering the Gilcrease Museum or the Philbrook Museum of Art.
  • Or pack a picnic and head to the Tall Chief Cove reservation area for a low-cost, low-stress outdoor date.

Tulsa singles, southern charm makes finding love easy for you

Tulsa is modern metropolis that has tons to do for everyone, singles and couples alike. Dating in Tulsa means enjoying the city’s fantastic food scene, its lively downtown, great live music, and beautiful parks and greenery. All you need is someone to share T-Town with, so sign up for eharmony today.

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