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Wichita Singles: The Yellow Brick Road Leads to Love in this City

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

Wichita is often described as a big small town, which means it has the best of both worlds – big enough that there’s lots of activities for Wichita singles (walk around the beautiful Botanica Gardens, see the animals at the Sedgwick County Zoo, kick back with a beer at one of the city’s many craft breweries) yet still small enough that you know just about everyone. And with over half the town (52%) being single, there’s plenty of opportunity for dating in Wichita.

Why traditional dating comes with growing pains for singles in Wichita

Although Wichita’s greatest asset is its size, that can also work against it when it comes to dating. Everyone knows everyone else… which means that rather than six, there’s two or three degrees of separation for Wichita singles. But look on the bright side, it’s easier to get the scoop on any potential partners.

A related obstacle for singles looking to date in the city is that until recently, there haven’t been very many places where singles can meet. Luckily that’s changing – with more and more bars and restaurants opening up, singles in Wichita are beginning to have plenty of options when it comes to places for finding love.

Tips to encounter singles in Wichita

Even if bars and restaurants aren’t your thing, there are still options for meeting new people. Here are our suggestions for the best places:

  • If you’re an outdoorsy type, Wichita is the place for you. Sign up for rock climbing, running, rowing, or even scuba diving classes and meet like-minded others.
  • If you’re more into relaxation than rigorous exercise, meditation at the Southwind Sangha is a great way to de-stress… and maybe meet someone to meditate with.
  • For go-getters looking for fellow alpha types, head to W, a community for young professionals, and find someone to mix business and pleasure with.

Dating In Wichita, eharmony is a great way to connect

Online dating’s big advantage, especially when it comes to a town like Wichita? It makes it easy for you to expand your pool of potential partners while narrowing the focus to exactly what you want in a long-term relationship. You aren’t restricted to just the people in your city, state, or even country when it comes to someone you can see yourself spending a long time with.

Speaking of long-term relationships, with online dating, you can set expectations right from the start. Just want one night? There’s an app for that. Looking for something longer term? There’s an app for that. With 20+ years of experience bringing people together, eharmony makes finding compatible singles in Wichita so much easier.

In fact, eharmony’s sign up process also couldn’t be easier

  • Download the dating app (both Android and iOS are available) or visit
  • Choose your gender, the gender you’re interested in, and enter your login information to register your account. Want quicker access? Sign in with Facebook or your Apple ID.
  • Once you’ve signed up, time to take the Compatibility Quiz. This lets eharmony create your Personality Profile, which is a detailed look at various aspects of your personality.
  • Now it’s time for eharmony to do what they do best. Using your Personality Profile as a base, our Compatibility Matching System comes up with a list of potential partners for you.
  • Once the algorithms have worked their magic, your Match List will start filling up. The more compatible a potential partner, the higher their place on the list.
  • Someone pique your interest? Get in touch. You have a wide range of conversation tools to get the ball rolling. Where things go is up to you…

Where to go for a first date in Wichita 

Once you’ve found someone you like, there’s still that all-important first date. Here are some great suggestions:

  • Hop on a Brew Wagon Tours bus for a trip around Wichita’s craft breweries, then have fun chatting about your choices over dinner in Old Town.
  • Take a sign-making class at Board and Brush together for an awesome DIY-focused date that even nets you a souvenir. Or keep it simple and head to Paint the Towne instead.
  • For a low-tech, high-romance night, pack a picnic and head to Sedgwick County Park for an al fresco dinner and a romantic walk after.

Wichita singles, love awaits you with no pressure, chemistry and fun

For all its laid-back reputation, Wichita has plenty of things to see and do, from the staggering number of museums to breakfast at the Doo-Dah diner to all the natural beauty in the city and around it. Which is why you should waste no time finding someone to share this beautiful city with. Sign up for eharmony and get started on your Wichita love story today.

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