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Singles in Albuquerque: Find Love Can Bloom in the Desert

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

Breaking Bad might have made Albuquerque famous, but there’s a lot more to this New Mexico town than Walter White and an addiction to chile peppers. The city is filled with stunning desert views, sunny days, amazing Mexican food, great craft beer, and millennia of history.  In Albuquerque there’s never a shortage of things to do or people to meet with nearly 60% of singles living in Albuquerque.

Why traditional dating is becoming untraditional

Yes, 60% of the population in here are single… but that doesn’t make finding a partner any easier, especially if you’d rather do things the traditional way. Unfortunately for some, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to meet potential partners just out and about. These days people are busier, meaning that Albuquerque singles don’t often have as much time to dedicate to traditional dating, like bar-hopping, singles events, and being set up by family and friends.

Demographics play a role in the traditional Albuquerque dating scene. Albuquerque being a college town means an otherwise promising date may not stick around very long, and someone new to the city may find it takes time to adjust to the Burqueño culture.

How to make contact with singles in Albuquerque

Just because traditional dating is becoming less common doesn’t mean that it’s impossible for singles in Albuquerque to find someone offline. Here are some of the best places to meet new people:

  • The city is filled with great breweries and bars, like Gecko’s or Tractor in Nob Hill, which is a great place to go to kick back, have a cold one and meet someone new.
  • Sign up for a sports league – get competitive playing football or basketball or even Ultimate Frisbee. Fun, exercise and get connected with new people, all in one!
  • Whatever your interests, whether food, hiking, or history, you can probably find a group of like-minded people in this city – and some may even be single!

The key to meeting other singles in Albuquerque is patience, and a willingness to put yourself out there. You never know where your next partner may be!

Dating in Albuquerque with eharmony and try it online

More and more singles are starting to turn to online dating and dating apps for good reason. Online dating allows singles to choose who they’d like to date without the stress of relying on other people to set you up or putting up with strangers in bars. Online dating lets them swap out casual meaningless dates for swiping right.

But, for singles who want a deeper connection, one with compatibility, rather than just a quick one night stand swipe, there’s eharmony. The app is focused on compatibility and the importance of conversation providing great tools (Smiles, Icebreakers and messages) for getting to know potential partners on a far deeper level than just their profile picture. 

  • Send a Smile to let the other person know you’re interested and make a first move.
  • Send an Icebreaker – a game with pre-prepared questions means you don’t have to agonize about what to talk about and find out more about common interests and preferences with your match.
  • When you’re ready to take things to the next level, switch over to text messaging and let the conversations go deep.

Albuquerque singles who’ve gone the distance with eharmony

Weddings are great places to find a love, which was the case with Mark and Sue! After three of his friends found their partners on eharmony, Mark was persuaded to join as well. And that’s where he met Sue, who found that free dating sites and apps just weren’t giving her the results she wanted. Using its Compatibility Matching System, eharmony put the two together… and the rest was history.

While Renee might have first fallen for Brian for his looks, what kept her was his personality. She’d almost given up on dating until she tried eharmony, where the personality profiles she and Brian created brought them together. Their connection translated into real-life love when Brian visited Renee in Albuquerque and the two married shortly after… something that Renee credits to eharmony.

The best first date ideas in Albuquerque

Whether your date is as an Albuquerque native or someone new to the city, you need to have a great first date spot. Some suggestions:

  • Take a ride on the Sandia Tramway and experience the gorgeous views.
  • You’re in balloon country – take a ride on a hot air balloon, or attend the annual Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, the largest event of its kind in the world.
  • Rather keep your feet on the ground? Then a walk around the ABQ BioPark Botanical Garden might be for you.
  • Or go old school with a tour of the Old Town, where you can soak up the town’s history, along with great food and indie boutiques with your date.

Singles in Albuquerque have a lot to look forward to

It’s clear that the desert and the chile peppers aren’t the only hot things around – the Albuquerque dating life is too, if you’re willing to put in the effort. For Albuquerque singles, there’s a lot that makes Burque a great place to be, the awesome food (burritos, sopapillas, and Navajo tacos, oh my), craft beer scene, and the wonderful desert views. Add in eharmony, and finding someone special to share the city will take you on a fun, dating adventure.

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