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Seven Clever Ways to Ask Someone out on a Date

If you’re too shy to ask out or crush — or maybe just tired the same-old approach to doing so — here are seven clever ways to ask someone out on a date.

Good luck!

1. Give her your card. Print a business card that asks out your crush. Bonus points if the card has her name on it: “Can I buy you dinner next Friday, Sarah?”

2. Pass her a note. Go old-school — as in, elementary school — and pass her a “Will you go out with me: yes or no?” note. Even a note on a napkin, or Sex and the City-approved Post-It note, is pretty swoon-worthy.

3. Say it with sidewalk chalk. If your crush has a driveway, ask him out with chalk. Or post a cute sign or poster in her cubicle. If high-schoolers can work up the nerve to decorate locker doors and front lawns with “Will you go to prom with me?” artwork, surely you can, too.

4. Employ the help of a cute personalized gift. A sweet strategy: Have cookies, sporting your message written in icing, delivered to her workplace.

5. Say it with song. Send her a YouTube video of yourself performing a cute jingle that asks her out. (Keep the video private until she sees it. And take it down if she requests it.)

6. Make him a bet. Just make sure that whether you win or lose, the result is that you end up on a date. For example, the loser buys the winner a drink.

7. Propose with a gumball-machine ring: “Will you go out with me?” Make an huge, slightly embarrassing, endearing gesture and you’re likely to get a smile — and a yes.

 What is the most creative way someone has asked you out — or you have asked your crush on a date?