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How to Get Your Ex Back – Effective Tips to Regain Your Partner

by eharmony Editorial Team - April 14, 2021

Feeling lonely, insecure, and not able to get over your ex because you know what you both shared was wonderful? Do you still have hope about your relationship and keep thinking about how to make it work?

Not all relationships are totally irreparable. Sometimes, a break in a relationship might be just what you need to grow into better individuals who complement each other, instead of driving one another crazy. Now, how to get your ex back and and make it worthwhile?

To establish a healthy relationship the second time around, the most important thing is, both partners should be willing to give it a try. Remember, love is always a two-way street. The first step towards moving forward is oftentimes the most difficult one.

How to win your ex back – 7 important steps you need to take

Do you feel your issues can be fixed? Do you still feel somewhat comfortable around each other? If you have broken up because of a circumstance and if you both believe that you are very compatible, then there is a chance. But, sending a drunk text is not the way to get back with your ex.

So, if you are ready to be a little patient and okay to put some effort, here are some tips and tricks on how to get your ex back.

#1 Give them the space

This can be a difficult step – you shouldn’t force your feelings on them. It is important to reflect on the good and bad in your relationship but also give them time to think. Ask yourself if your ex is worth it and assess if your issues are actually fixable.

Tip: Focus on improving your life and concentrate on that one reason why it will work!

#2 Improve your personality

Add things to your life that are stimulating and enhance your personality. Getting back with an ex also means carrying forward memories from your history – both good and bad. Work on what went wrong. Also, stop relying on your ex for happiness.

Tip: The second time, let them fall in love with your mind!

#3 Work on your physical appearance

This is something that will boost your confidence. When you transform your body into a better version (i.e. when you improve your appearance, attitude, and mentality), you become more attractive. You are ultimately showing your ex that you are capable of taking care of yourself.

Tip: Capture their eyes and steal their hearts!

#4 Spend time with friends and family

Reconnect with friends and family – it will do a big deal of good to you as it provides the companionship you need to start feeling better about yourself again. But hold back on badmouthing, your ex, especially if you have common friends with your ex.

Tip: Make time for the best things in life. Do not crib.

#5 Don’t give too much attention or affection

When you set clear boundaries and show that you are strong, it will make you all the more attractive. If you have ever wondered how to make your ex miss you, this is the opportunity. If your ex has reached out to you, don’t easily give in.

Tip: Sometimes caring too much can hurt you!

#6 Learn if they still care about you

This is the key step towards the question how to get your ex back – you think that he or she still has that soft spot for you, but you are not sure. Don’t be afraid to find out. Perhaps, it won’t work out, but seeing if it does will be the best adventure. This crucial, and your friends can help you know for sure.

Tip: Feelings that come back are feelings that never went away!

#7 Keep the actual meeting casual

Now, that getting back together feels right, don’t overthink about how you approach them. If it feels a little awkward, it is natural. This meeting is a big step towards giving your relationship a second chance. Choose a place where you won’t feel pressured into staying too long if either of you feels uncomfortable. A café in the daytime is one of the best options.

Tip: If there are any issues that need clarification, address it. Apologize and end things on some great memories.

4 tips on how to get your ex back successfully

It is possible to rekindle the flame after a breakup. Here’s how to win your ex back permanently.

  1. Keep your dignity – Now that you have won them back, don’t let your emotions get ahead of you. Don’t act needy or beg for attention. Constantly nagging them will push them away. It’s okay to swallow your pride just not your dignity.
  2. Reviving your ex’s feelings is a way to reassure yourself. Attract them in new and exciting ways. Clear conversations are important too.
  3. Don’t expect your partner to change completely, instead make the most of your differences. Mutual respect and trust are essential. Give them some personal space.
  4. Don’t use guilt as a weapon. Don’t bring up past mistakes every time you have an argument.

How to get your ex back? Choose happiness and love yourself first!

Fixing a romantic relationship is definitely harder than breaking one. To get back with your ex, first, you need to make sure intentions are good. When you are ready to reset your relationship, you should resolve past conflicts and forgive past hurts. When you choose happiness and make loving yourself a priority, then you also begin to attract love and positivity around you. Continue to work on your relationship and bring it back from the brink. Being in love is hard but being alone can be even harder. If you are still looking for a compatible companion, try dating with eharmony. A happy and successful connection is just a click away!

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