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The Truth About Men and Feelings

Are men scared off by emotions?  Have you been accused of being needy or too emotional in your relationships?  Read on to find out how to use your feelings the right way with a man.

Guys get a bad rap when it comes to feelings.  Basically, people think we don’t have them, don’t want to share them, and don’t want to listen to them, either.  But that’s not true.  Let me tell you about what’s really going on for men when it comes to feelings, and show you how you can use this knowledge to build a solid foundation for a secure, lasting relationship.
A lot of the pain and frustration I see women in results from thinking that when it comes to feelings, men function like women. But the truth is that we have a much harder time processing and handling feelings than you do.  We’re not as good at it.  We also don’t have the extensive support system that women have, which explains why men escape into things like work, sports, and television.

If you can understand this and learn to work with us instead of against us, you’re already getting a huge advantage when it comes to men and relationships.   The other thing to remember is that as men, we want to fix things.  And we get really frustrated when we can’t.  Which brings me to…

Of course, you want a man to acknowledge and satisfy your feelings and desires.  It’s a man’s place in a relationship to be a good partner, to care for you, to listen, to be a great lover, to connect, to be loyal, and to share.
But, when you demand that a man meet your emotional needs and you “lean” on him out of your own fears, frustrations, and uncertainty, you are setting both of you up for disappointment. No relationship can meet all your emotional needs. Relationships are supposed to be about growth, and not about becoming dependent on someone else meeting your emotional needs at any time you want.
Now that you know you are much more adept at feeling your feelings and sharing them, use this knowledge to create a supportive environment for good communication with your man.  How?  First, always try to come from a place of compassion and understanding.  I know this is hard to do, but think about it – you get what you give.  And you will get a lot further with a man when you approach your interactions with him this way.  Understand that he doesn’t “get” feelings and communication the way you do. 

Instead of approaching a conversation thinking he’s doing something on purpose or being insensitive, shift your awareness to thinking he just needs help understanding where you’re coming from.  Then, communicate from that place.  Instead of saying, “I’m fed up that you never want to hang out with my friends,” try a positive set up like this: “You know I want us both to feel happy in this relationship, and I always want to be honest with you.  I notice that we don’t do a lot of things with my friends, and I’d really like them to know you better.  How do you think we can make this work for both of us?”  When you talk to a man with a positive set-up like this, you’re priming him to see that you are not looking to fight – you’re looking to get things right.
In order to make a relationship work, it’s critical for you to understand that men simply aren’t “wired” the same way women are when it comes to connecting on an emotional level.  But when you take responsibility for your own feelings and share them with him in a positive way, he’ll see that you are a capable, competent woman who puts the relationship first – the kind of woman he wants to have at his side.

Don’t let negative fear and emotions get in the way of the amazing relationship that should be yours. To learn how to share your feelings with a man in a way he’ll truly respond to, subscribe to Christian’s free e-newsletter.  He’ll teach you how to talk to a man in a way that won’t make you appear needy and clingy…and will make him see you as the one woman he can’t live without.