4 Photos You Need in Your Online Dating Profile

I am inundated with information about good online dating profile photos and bad ones (duck lips, anyone?!). Since profiles with photos are nine times more likely to get communication, this is a topic worth revisiting often. I am also lucky enough to work in an office with researchers who study this sort of thing, so I went to them for their thoughts about what photos you absolutely need to have in your online dating profile. They told me that everyone should post at least 4 pics. Here is the ideal assortment:  1. A Group Shot

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The group shot: Hey, this person has friends and seems like they enjoy life. Yes!

They call it the “cheerleader effect,” which essentially means that when you are surrounded by a group of nice-looking people, your attractiveness level increases. This is just something our brains decide on an unconscious level. So, if you have a fun group photo with your favorite pals, go ahead and post it. Just make sure your eyes aren’t closed – or that you don’t look like you’ve had a few too many. The group photo is also nice because it shows that you have friends: a big bonus.

2. Left 4 Love

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Barbra would be proud!

It appears Barbra Streisand was really onto something. You should obviously have a nice headshot in your profile (without sunglasses or a baseball cap shadowing your face).  Studies reveal that people find the left side of the face more attractive, so if you have a shot which features the left side of your face, opt for that one.

3. A Medium Shot

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The medium shot – with a smile.

This is a photo from the waist up. eHarmony researchers found that this is actually the most popular type of image you can have on your profile. It gives your matches a good sense of who you are and shows enough of your physicality as well. It’s really tough to get a sense of what body type someone has from a close-up selfie.

4. A Smile


A genuine smile goes a long way.

Ok, I have to admit this tip doesn’t come from our expert matching team. I have read many comments on this one, and the consensus seems to be that a smiling face on both men and women is a better one. I think the majority of us want to be with someone who is happy and positive about life. And this attribute should show in your dating profile. There is some data who also suggests women are attracted to a guy who displays pride and has a more “powerful” presence (think broad shoulders and raised arms). I say they can do all of that — but with a charming grin.   Here is a previous blog I wrote about the photos that don’t lead to success on your dating profile. Which types of photos do you want to see on a dating profile?

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