5 Search Settings That Will Set You Up For Relationship Success

We provide you with all of your potential matches on day one. Your match pool could be hundreds to possibly thousands of people depending on your location and Compatibility Quiz results. These five search setting tips will help you narrow down or expand your search.

1. Switch Up Your Settings

Many users have asked us over the years to get more matches per day. Now you get all your matches on day one. With this feature, you won’t get more matches unless new people join that fit your preferences. But you can configure your search settings to see more or less matches. Don’t be afraid to play with your search filters and see who’s out there for you.

2. Expand Your Horizons

In this day and age, long distance relationships have become synonymous with successful romance. With social media, Facetime and smart phones, it’s easier than ever to commit to a partner that lives 50 miles away from you. But if long distance really isn’t up your alley, keep your distance search at a minimum.

3. What Do You Value?

Preferences like drinking and smoking can be definite deal breakers. Think about your core values as a person. Does that include a match’s height? Maybe take a chance on someone who doesn’t match every single one of your preferences.

4. Online vs. IRL

We’ve all been guilty of obsessing over a match so much we social-stalk them on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. It’s always good to check out a match’s profiles to ensure your safety, but a keeping a little mystery is always preferable. It allows the other person to create an impression IRL.

5. Challenge Your Dating Norms

We all have our own dating preferences. Whether it’s height or hair color, at the end of the day, these might not be dealbreakers. If you’re having trouble finding matches or want to try dating someone new, adjust your filters. It’s the easiest way to find a match who may surprise you.

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