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Single Parents Dating: How to Make Space for Someone New

by eharmony Editorial Team May 10, 2021

For many single parents, dating can sometimes feel like a prospect that continues to wane as your everyday responsibilities grow. But with over 16.6 million single moms or dads living, dating and thriving in the U.S., it’s easy to see that you’re not alone, there’s a full and vibrant spectrum of modern American single parents saying as well1. There’s also no lack of suitable singles out there who understand your reality, and the values and priorities that encompass it.   

Let’s take a look at life for single parents dating and how eharmony can help ensure that your dating journey is on the straightest possible route to real love.

Obstacles that single parents face while looking for love

While single parents dating and raising their children has become a common and celebrated part of the modern family mosaic, they still have to navigate unique challenges, when it comes to finding the right partner.

You have to consider partners more carefully

When you’re not a parent and dating, the only thing you have to take into account is if the person is right for you. But when it comes to a single parent dating, a single dad or mom has to also consider whether the other person is also right for their family, whether they could be a parent to their children and what kind of influence they would ultimately have over their development.   

You have less extra energy for single parents dating

It’s no secret that raising a child or children is a full-time job. Add to this the actual full-time job you probably already have and it’s easy to see why many parents don’t have the time or energy to commit to meeting and dating other singles at the end of a week. You have a bit more leeway if you’re co-parenting but that also comes with its share of lifestyle complexities.  

It’s easy to feel guilty about how you use your free time

Raising a child can be so hectic that there doesn’t really come a point in a day when you feel like you’ve taken care of every single possible thing in you and your child’s life. For this reason, many single parents dating complain that they can’t help but feel unduly guilty when they take time out to socialize with other singles or pursue a relationship.  

3 perks for single parents on eharmony dating site

In over 20 years of excellence in the online dating industry, eharmony has built a strong reputation for forging successful relationships, founded on personal compatibility and sincere relationship intent. Here are just some of the ways we help find lasting happiness for single parents on our dating site

1. Our matching system helps you date smarter

One of the biggest drawbacks of online services for busy single parents dating is how many unsuitable profiles you have to work through to find a handful of people that spark your interest, and then hope they feel the same way. Matching on eharmony is handled by our Compatibility Matching System, a uniquely sophisticated algorithm that connects you with like-minded singles based on how your personalities meet and contrast in complementary ways. So, you only spend your time interacting with people we think you’d be a good fit with.

2. Get to know more about yourself and matches

Our matching system works so well because we get to know the real you. When you join, you complete our Compatibility Quiz. From that, we generate your custom Personality Profile and use it to immediately fill up your Match List.

Personality profiles are broken down into 4 sections:

  • What characterizes you
  • What drives you
  • How you organize your life
  • How you communicate

You can also view the Personality Profile of anyone you’re matched with to see how they measure up in the areas most important to you.

3. Highest security standard amongst other single parent dating sites so you can connect openly

We believe that love needs a safe space to properly flourish. As the #1 trusted dating site online2, one of our central missions is in ensuring top-class user data security and genuine, respectful and open-minded interactions across our entire platform. We regularly audit our system to weed out abusive and fake accounts as well as promptly and decisively respond to any user complaints about an account.   

Find someone that fits not just you but your family with eharmony

If you’re a single parent interested in dating a single mom or dad, or just generally looking to connect with some like-minded dating opportunities in your area, eharmony can help you get the most out of your online dating experience. We say don’t compromise. Find that special someone who suits both you and your family perfectly. So why not get out there and find them on eharmony today?

How Dating for single parents works with eharmony

Your search for a great relationship has never been easier with groundbreaking overhaul of the eharmony you know and trust.

  1. These figures are estimates based on religious and national social and registered marital status demographic census data by PewResearch. 

  2. 2022 Survey of 1,300 Respondents from the US, UK, Canada and Australia