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Why Dating in Your 30s is the Best Time in Life

by eharmony Editorial Team April 23, 2023

Single life in your 30s can sometimes feel like a strange time. It can feel as if you’re stuck in this uneasy zone between wanting to settle down while still feeling that similar energy and opportunity dating in your earlier years.

We explore what’s often described as the most fulfilling decade of people’s dating lives and offer up some perspectives on modern dating in your 30s. We also look at some tips for getting started and how you can find a truly authentic connection both online and offline.

Dating Over 30 vs. Dating in Your 20s

According to the US Census Bureau and a study by the Pew Research Center, there are about 19.8 million singles in their 30s and 40s.1 While this is significantly lower than 20-something singles, the same study showed that dating over 30 was also when singles were most interested in building a relationship.2

People dating after 30 also tend to be more experienced with relationships, meaning they approach them more maturely and without the baggage sometimes found in older singles, making your dating experience more clear and rewarding.

Is dating more difficult than it used to be?

The two factors that have the most impact on the experience of dating in your 30s are the reduced opportunities to meet people (attending fewer natural social spaces such as bars, educational institutions and cultural events) and the number of eligible singles shrinking somewhat.

However, many dating over 30 point out that while they may be going on fewer dates, the quality of the dates vastly improves at this age. This is because people in their 30s tend to be more sure of what they want, less likely to play games and better emotionally equipped for sustainable relationships.

The most common issues with dating in your 30s

When one looks at dating in your 30s as a woman, many complain about men their age showing greater interest in dating younger women. However, this may be another example of pop culture skewing our perspective on dating life. The most recent US Current Population Survey shows that the most common age difference between couples in the country, by far, is 1-2 years.

However, you should avoid letting this and other dating preconceptions tint your dating experience. As long as you have a connection based on mutual respect and attraction between consenting adults, only you and your partner can define your relationship.

Navigate Dating in Your 30s Like A Pro

While there may be fewer natural opportunities to rub shoulders with your local dating pool in your everyday life, that doesn’t mean they completely dry up. You just have to start getting proactive about dating and creating your own opportunities to meet new people. Let’s look at some examples. 

Opportunities to meet singles

  • Farmer’s markets and other community events draw in people and can be a great place to meet singles.
  • Common social spaces change as you age. Be open to meeting singles in other settings such as stores, cafes, gyms, galleries and museums.
  • Volunteering for a cause close to your heart is a great way to give back to your community while expanding your social circle.
  • Online dating apps have the highest rate of usage among people dating over 30, according to a survey by business intelligence company Morning Consult.  
  • Joining activities groups, like hiking, biking or film-appreciation groups, allow you to enjoy your interests while meeting like-minded people.

Some tips when dating over 30

  • Be more open to new social opportunities.
  • Don’t waste your time. Be clear about what you want early on in your relationship.
  • Age is no excuse to settle or rush into things without the emotional groundwork when dating in your 30s.
  • Try not to bring your old relationship biases into your new one.
  • Be realistic about your dating standards and goals.
  • Have fun and don’t let the occasional bad date affect your outlook.

Dating in Your 30s Is Simplified Through eharmony

At eharmony, we’re all about fostering deeper, genuine connections between people online using the power of true compatibility. We were even recently rated in a user survey as the online dating app that helps users find the most authentic relationships.3

Beyond connecting people more effectively through our Compatibility Matching System rather than swiping, our platform empowers you to create successful connections with members through our advanced features that include highly specific filtering options, detail-rich profiles that intuitively explain your similarities and respective Compatibility Score and a host of other features, all while enjoying a greater sense of  respectful interacting,  thanks to our highly supportive and responsive Customer Care team.   

Getting started is easy

  • Sign up on our site or download our app.
  • Complete the Compatibility Quiz, which is how our system gets to know you and your relationship needs to find the most compatible eligible people dating over 30 on our platform.
  • Fill out your profile and tell potential connections the real story of you.
  • Review the list of highly compatible singles we found for you in the Discover section and check out their profiles.
  • Once someone sparks your interest, reach out. You can send a text message or use one of our other communication features like our Icebreaker.

Let Us Help You Find Meaningful Connections Online

While dating in your 30s can come with its share of ups and downs, it’s easy to see why it’s also one of the most eventful periods in your dating life. An age where it’s easier to build more mature and communicative relationships that aren’t as hampered by many of those typical perils associated with 20s dating life.

We’re just here to support and guide you in finding those deeper and more successful relationships. In essence, we point you in the right direction and give you the tools to make the most of your dating life and, along the way, help you find that special person who brings with them true happiness. Find it today. Join eharmony.

How dating over 30 works with eharmony

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