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Dating over 30: Why to Search for a Compatible Partner on eharmony

Let’s face it, for you, like most of us, your twenties were more about having fun and less about setting down. But you’re in your 30s – more focused on your career and life goals and ready for dating over 30 to finally find the right person to share your life with. You’re not alone, there’s a growing number of singles in their 30s, in fact over 50 million in the US alone.

So, what does that mean for you in terms of dating? Well, let’s take a look at the new ways people are connecting in this modern age. 

What keeps 30 singles from finding the right person?

You have fewer single friends

If you prefer to meet other singles out at bars or clubs, you generally attend these with friends so you can have people to talk to and feel at ease. However, when you’re still dating over 30, more and more of your social group begin to get married or cohabitating with their partner, leaving them with less time and interest to actively socialize with you in those settings. 

People dating over 30 are less focused on relationships

Whether you blame it on swipe culture, fear of commitment or the growing trend of people pursuing self-actualization over companionship, many modern relationships are veering towards the casual. When you’re dating in your 30s and looking for a meaningful, long-term relationship, modern dating trends like sudden ghosting, dating multiple people simultaneously and friends with benefits arrangements can muddy the waters and make the dating process confusing.

But they’re still in a rush

In contrast to an advanced life phase of dating over 50, people dating after 30 are still feeling pressured to find somebody. Whether it’s the idea of a biological clock or just the general life goals people set for themselves, many have this idea that they have to find someone at some point in their 30s. This pressure can lead people to get into ill-advised relationships purely to prove to themselves that they are growing up and progressing.

Tips and tricks for dating over 30

Let’s look at some methods for meeting new people and attracting potential partners.

Adopt a positive outlook on dating opportunities

When you’re in your 20s, you’re so socially active that dating options are everywhere. However, as you get older these tend to slow down. So, it’s important to make the most of them when they do come up. Be opened to being set up by friends, starting conversations with strangers in your daily life and making more of an effort when people engage with you.   

Try expanding your horizons

Now that you have fewer single friends, you have to look to new avenues for meeting other singles over 30 beyond nightlife. You could try attending organized singles events, joining a sports or activities clubs, or finding some new interests that can put you in touch with other like-minded singles.

Take stock of your lifestyle

While a pair of ripped jeans and a wrinkled band T-shirt may have been enough to charm somebody when you were younger, people in dating over 30 tend to have more complex standards. This may not necessitate a personal makeover, but you should pay attention to things like your grooming standards, personal hygiene, clothing and make sure that your living space not only reflects your tastes but also your position as a functioning adult.     

What you need to know to experience true compatibility on eharmony

From casual hookup apps to the best dating sites for 30s specifically, there’s a good chance you’ve tried online dating at least once. After all, they give you a quick idea of who’s out there and let you reach out with relative ease.

Beyond being a service specifically geared towards singles looking for real relationships, here are some of the reasons singles over 30 finally find what they’re looking for on eharmony. 

1. We do the swiping for you

Rather than presenting you with endless options like know from typical dating sites for 30s, your best matches on eharmony are based on compatibility. When you join, you complete our Compatibility Quiz, a quick quiz that lets us get to know you and helps us understand what you’re looking for in a relationship. From there, we can generate your Personality Profile, which is what our compatibility algorithm – which we have perfected over the last 20 years – uses to find like-minded singles on the platform. You can view your own profile as well as anyone’s you’re matched with. They’re packed with useful insights about your personality, which we divide into four sections:

  • Fundamentals of Personality
  • Behavior in a Relationship
  • Your Everyday Life
  • Style of Communication

2. Use advanced search criteria to find the right singles at Age 30

After finishing the quiz and fulfilling your dating profile, your Match List is filled with potential compatible partners. And, if you want to drill down further, you can start applying filters until you find exactly the type of person you’re looking for. Some of these filters include:

  • Height
  • Smokers
  • Desire to have children
  • Education
  • Income level

There are a lot more filters to use dating in your 30s but each one is designed to empower you to get the most out of your eharmony experience. 

3. Get to know each other in more ways than one

While witty opening lines and funny GIFs are a great way to kick things off, getting to know someone well enough on a platform to know whether meeting up in person is a good idea can be a little more challenging. This is why we offer several different ways to reach out, keep the conversation going and really get to the heart of someone. One of our favorites is our Video Date feature. After exchanging a few messages, you have the option to securely video call your match through our dating app or site, without having to exchange contacts. This way you can get to know them face-to-face safely from the comfort of your couch.

A completely different experience with one of the best dating sites for 30s

We know that dating in your 30s isn’t always straightforward. So, whether you’re getting back to it after some time out of the dating pool or looking to take your online dating experience to a level where you’re actually connecting with other compatible relationship-minded singles, eharmony has the expertise and user-base to help you make it happen.

Why not skip all the games and get right to connecting? Try out eharmony today and see.

HOW dating over 30 WORKS with eharmony

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