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Explore the warmer side of dating in seattle

by eharmony Editorial Team - November 16, 2022

Anyone who’s ever dived into the Seattle dating pool knows how bracing the water can sometimes be. People in Seattle have a reputation for being cold and somewhat introverted, a perception undoubtedly reinforced by the city’s majestic but sometimes frigid urban landscape. 

But just how accurate is this long-held preconception, and how has this and other aspects of Seattle’s social scene impacted dating life in the city? We explore the realities of dating in Seattle, finding love and just how exciting the city can be for singles in the modern dating scene.

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The famous Seattle freeze

The ‘Seattle freeze’ still seems to be a factor that affects socializing even to this day. People often interact in very established social groups or cliques which can come off quite frosty to newcomers.

And it’s easy to see how this perception has made its way into people’s view of dating in Seattle. However, try to remember that romance is quite distinct from friendship and that while forming new social bonds can take time in the city, people are often open to love. Online dating in particular has changed the way Seattle singles can find each other in the big city, and how they engage with one another.

Seattle singles live in one of the best dating cities in the country

It seems like there is some science to back up this more optimistic outlook on the Seattle dating scene. A recent study on dating carried out by WalletHub found that Seattle ranked 2nd out of 183 cities, making it one of the best cities for singles in the US.1 The study considered three key factors in establishing this ranking. The economics, which looks at how expensive it is to live and date in the city; fun and recreation, which explored how many activities, restaurants, bars, retail stores and hospitality venues were available per person; and finally, dating opportunities, which looked into the number of singles, online dating profiles and general interest in online dating in the city.

So maybe it’s time for people dating in Seattle to look at their city through a new lens. Here are some great ways to explore the potential of the singles scene near you:

  • Coffee Club of Seattle – This coffee club is long established and quite popular, meeting at various roasteries and cafes around the city to check out the hottest new brews.
  • Seattle International Film Festival – Seattle’s not just a popular setting for movies. While the etiquette may be to refrain from talking during showings, the various events held around the festival draw in interesting singles from all over the city.
  • The Mountaineers Club – If you’re an active, outdoorsy type and the weather permits it, this very popular mountaineering club is the ideal way to meet some singles that share your adventurous spirit.  

However, meeting people might not be your first challenge.

A quick guide to dating in Seattle

While the city may be a social hotspot for it, Seattle dating can also come with its own set of quirks that make the dating scene unique.

People dating in Seattle aren’t always great at popping the question

No, we’re not talking about that question, but this one, “Would you like to go for a drink sometime?” and later, “Hey, so are we dating?”. So if you’re going to date in Seattle and do it successfully, you’re going to have to learn to be bold and take the lead when you meet someone you like.

Winter months can be bleak for dating

Most cold U.S. cities don’t see much activity in the winter, but Seattle takes this to the next level. This can lead to a lot of last-minute canceled dates. But there’s still a lot happening in the city, if you’re up for it. Just put on your winter coat and beanie, and look for some local events and activities to find those warm kernels of Seattle spirit still burning all year.  

How you can make the whole thing a little easier on yourself

In recent years online dating has managed to thaw a lot of the so-called Seattle freeze around the dating scene, with quite a significant adoption among most age groups. While there are more apps for online dating in Seattle than there’s ever been, eharmony has remained a firm favorite for over 20 years. This is because we focus our services on our members, helping and guiding relationship-minded singles to connect in authentic ways that lead to lasting, meaningful love, using the power of compatibility.

Why someone finds love on eharmony every 14 minutes

We get to know you better to match you better. Our Compatibility Quiz was specifically designed to help people learn more about themselves and what they’re looking for below the surface to help build meaningful relationships with people they deeply connect with. Thanks to this approach, we’ve helped over 2 million people find real love.   

We don’t have a type – eharmony members represent adults of all ages, demographics and backgrounds. Seattle singles who use eharmony are seeking meaningful relationships based on something deeper than just looks, likes, and location. What they have in common is a desire to find real love, just like you.  This has helped us become the No. 1 trusted dating app2.

  • Our filters and search criteria let you quickly sort and navigate through your list of compatible matches to find that person who’s just right. Filters include age, height, ethnicity, religion, whether they have or want children, whether they smoke, and many more.
  • Our profiles give you a more complete picture of the other person while also easily summarizing what makes you two a good match and the similarities you share.

Signing up couldn’t be easier either. All you need to do to register for a free account is to complete our Compatibility Quiz, which lets us get to know more about you and what you’re looking for.

Then we do the rest. All you need to do is fill in your profile and start interacting with compatible matches.

Find your ideal partner in Seattle on eharmony

So when it comes to dating in Seattle, be it trying to chip your way through the Seattle freeze to make a genuine connection or breaking out of your own shell to explore new romantic avenues in your city, it’s important to stay open and receptive and the old Emerald City might just surprise you with your dream partner. Explore the possibilities with eharmony. Join today.

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  1. WalletHub Study  

  2. 2022 Survey of 1300 Respondents from the US, UK, Canada and Australia