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Does He Love Me? Tangible Signs a Man Is Falling in Love

by Eharmony Editorial Team - March 27, 2018

Searching for cues to know if someone loves you? While in a relationship, it is normal to feel a little insecure or unsure about your partner. If you are already in love with him and wondering does he love me as well, then it just means you are trying to figure out where your relationship is headed. It is indeed a nice feeling when you can spot the signs when a man is falling in love – you can then actually feel the connection between the two of you grow. So, how do you find out? Just remind yourself that actions speak louder than words and focus on these 9 signs below to gauge love!

1. He cares for you

How to tell if a man is falling in love with you? He checks in with you every day – when you can’t meet he ensures to make calls or send texts. He genuinely cares about you and is probably even missing you. It does not mean he is keeping a constant tab on you. He just wants to be sure you are fine. He will show up to help you even without you asking for it.

Tip: Even when you don’t have phenomenal events to share, if he has all your attention it is a positive sign! Enjoy the process of falling in love.

2. He brings you gifts or does things to make you happy

Wondering does he love me, and there he is doing something just to make you smile? When a man is in love he will do everything under the sun to make you happy. An important thing to notice: he will gladly do it and will never make you feel guilty about them. When a guy buys you a gift for no reason (and with all good intentions) it only means he is trying to tell you how much he adores you.

Tip: Men show affection in ways that are not easily recognizable to women – learn to read the signals and appreciate them.

3. He does not mention other girls and is not shy of PDA

He doesn’t have to express his love and affection publicly, but he will not hesitate to make subtle advances. When your man puts his arm around you in public, he’s announcing to the world that you’re together. Also, when a guy is smitten with you he will not flirt or mention other girls because he wants to prove he is dating you consistently.

Tip: You will notice there is a lot of physical and emotional intimacy. Respond to his advances naturally. Do not shy away, or give him mixed signals.

4. He’s totally into you if he goes out of his way to spend time with you

He showers you with a lot of attention and invests a great time in the relationship. When you are not around, he misses you; he even cancels plans to be with you. These are surefire hints that love is in the air!

Tip: Men in love will always make time for their partner. If he enjoys doing the most mundane activities with you, and you two have an incredible time together, then it’s a great sign. Appreciate and enjoy this moment in your life.

5. He is opening up to you

When a man opens up emotionally to a woman it means he is taking her seriously. Such guys are usually affectionate. If he is telling you personal stuff – his flaws, history, and all of that which he generally does not discuss with other friends, it shows that he is getting comfortable with you and the relationship.

Tip: Pay attention to your reaction when he shares his thoughts, opinions, or feelings – be a good listener.  

6. He involves you in his decisions

He values your opinion and respects your perspectives. When he decides on matters that are important, he shares them and involves you in the process. This is one of the subtle signs a guy likes you.

Tip: He is showing you a lot of respect – try to be that ‘special someone’ in his life who can offer advice, different perceptions, and mental stimulation.

7. You are a priority is his life

If he puts you first in most of the decisions he makes, then be rest assured he is ready to be with you for a long haul. If his actions tell you that your feelings are more important to him than other people’s opinions, it is a positive sign. Has he gone out of his way to make you feel comfortable, or compromised (it doesn’t mean giving up or giving in)? Such a guy is surely looking for a long-term relationship.

Tip: If he has always made you feel good, treated you as an equal individual, he deserves the same respect and attention. Give him the ‘top’ spot on your priority list!

8. He is supportive and defends you when needed

A supportive guy is not someone who will hang on to your every word, do whatever you want to, or get into fistfights just to impress you. If he creates a safe space for you, helps you in adversity, is willing to sacrifice his comforts, and encourages you to succeed, it only implies he loves and cares for you genuinely.

When your ideas, emotions, and needs are always supported then be sure your relationship is going strong. If he is bringing about the best in you, congratulations, this relationship is for keeps!

Tip:  Respect and reciprocate small gestures of concern and kindness. If your relationship has stood the test of time, then you don’t have to keep wondering “does he love me?” Probably he is just waiting for the right time to say those magical words.

9. He talks about your future together as if it’s a given

He is not afraid to move further with the relationship. That does not mean things should move fast in every direction. A guy who likes you will be ready to move at your pace and will not force things on you.

Still thinking “does he love me?” When he is sure about the relationship you will observe he begins to use more “we” than “I” in his conversations. Has he shared his dreams about the future? Has he already introduced you to his friends and family? This confirms that he loves you and wants this relationship to work.  

Tip: Allow this conversation to go naturally. If your values, beliefs, and outlooks on life align, then that implies you are in a meaningful relationship.

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