5 ways to know if someone is interested…online

A coy smile, a lean in, a light touch on the arm – these can be signals that someone is into you.  But what happens when you are separated by cyberspace and can’t see or touch the other person?  How can you tell when the other person is flirting?

A study on cyber-flirting revealed how people show their interest in others online.  They found that a lot of the things we do offline can have similar meanings online.  Inspired by their research, here are a few things to look for to know if someone is interested:

  1. A good first impression – instead of setting the stage by doing their hair and wearing perfume or cologne, people online often put their best foot forward by describing their better traits and posting a flattering picture.  A thoughtful profile can communicate that that person wants you to like them.
  2. A smile or laugh – without seeing someone’s face, use of emoticons like 🙂 and acronyms like LOL (laughing out loud) can show a smile and a hearty laugh.  Use of flirtier faces like winks 😉 and giggles (hehe) may communicate even more intimacy.
  3. Responding – and responding quickly.  Getting a message back that addresses previous conversations or facts can be a sign that someone gets you, and getting a message quickly may show their excitement in you as well.
  4. Self-disclosure – intimacy in any relationship grows as both people get to know each other.  Having someone tell you their personal story is just as important as them listening to yours.
  5. Compliments – nothing’s clearer than a flat out compliment.  It shows not only that they like you but what specifically they like about you.

Not every flirting signal translates well online – like leaning in or biting your lip.   Some behaviors may be saved for your first meeting in person.  What are some things you do to flirt online?

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