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Singles in Richmond: Dating Life in the State Capital of Virgina

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

’Remember, Richmond Singles… Virginia is For Lovers’ Yes, the famous advertising slogan was coined over fifty years ago, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less true today. In fact, a 2020 survey ranked Richmond the second-best metro for dating, with nearly 45% of Richmond singles saying they were satisfied with dating opportunities in their city.

Truthfully, that number isn’t surprising when you consider Richmond’s great arts scene, gorgeous views, and distinguished university, all things that draw people here – in fact, unattained people make up 71% of the population in Richmond.

Why traditional dating in Richmond can be a challenge

Museums, art, history, nightlife… Richmond has all of that and more. But that doesn’t mean finding a life partner is easy for singles here.

Most of Richmond’s population works in finance, law or government, which leaves little time for traditional dating. Plus, the city may have great bars, but that doesn’t make going up to a stranger and asking them out any easier… even with a little liquid courage!

Best places to meet singles in Richmond

But all is not lost for Richmond singles. There are still many options to go out and find someone:

  • A dog is a man’s (or woman’s) best friend… and the perfect wingman. Take advantage of how dog-friendly Richmond is, and take your pup out and about. You get exercise, an easy conversation starter, and a cuteness boost all in one.
  • A history buff? You couldn’t pick a better place than Richmond, singles. The city takes its history and heritage seriously – there are so many museums to check out. So it’s a good starting points to connect with new people who share the same cultural interests as you.
  • Get your dancing shoes on! And not at a club or bar; classes (salsa, swing, or even ballroom) are great opportunities to cozy up to someone new.

Online Dating in Richmond with eharmony

While dating old-school does have its charms, more and more singles in Richmond and elsewhere are opting to switch out looking for love in crowded bars for finding it at home through dating apps. Why? There are plenty of reasons; dating apps remove the need to subject yourself to noisy bars. Apps let you choose people you’d like to get to know regardless of where they may be, and best of all, you can browse your match list from your couch.

That said, people want more than just swiping. That’s where eharmony comes in. A large percentage of the app’s user base is between the ages of 25 and 40, giving single men and women in Richmond a massive pool of potential mates. In addition, extensive conversation tools (Smiles, Icebreakers and messages) mean that you and your partner can get to know each other at your own pace.

Finding love with eharmony no matter the distance

Maria and Mike lived five minutes from each other… but eharmony was how they met. They shopped at the same stores, went to the same gym, but their first in-person meeting happened at O’Charley’s. Maria started the evening nervous but ended up not wanting the date to end. From that point on the connection has only gotten deeper and the relationship continues to grow.

As for Aubrey and Dan, she was in Richmond… he was in Iraq, but nothing could keep these two apart. When Dan surprised Aubrey with a visit during his leave, that’s when they knew they were meant for each other.

Fabulous first date ideas in Richmond

Online dating is a great way to find someone… but you should meet in person at some point. Luckily, Richmond is full of great first date locations!

  • Do dinner and a movie with a twist at a drive-in. While modern theaters may be fancier, there’s something to be said for falling in love under the stars.
  • Rather be on your feet? The Richmond Canal Walk is a great way to spend an evening, taking in the sights (and the history), sampling treats from the many great restaurants on the waterfront, and having long conversations with your date.
  • Broadway too far away? Take in a show at the Altria, or if you’d rather something fancier, the nearby Dominion Arts Center often hosts opera, ballet, and symphony performances.

Love is a great state for Richmond singles to be in

It’s true that dating can be intimidating, challenging, and even uncertain at times. But there’s no better place to try it than in romantic Richmond, where singles can dance the night away at Visions, shoot some pool at Greenleaf’s, or enjoy a glass at James River Cellars Winery. Sign up for eharmony, and who knows? You might find out why Virginia is for lovers.

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