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Putting Yourself First on a North Carolina Dating Site

by eharmony Editorial Team - September 9, 2022

When it comes to a blend of almost nostalgic American charm and that unique brand of diverse Southern pastoral beauty, there’s no place quite like the Tar Heel State in the US.

From the metropolis of Charlotte, which has all the welcoming feel of a small town, to the Outer Banks, home to every kind of distinct and charming community, North Carolina singles couldn’t ask for a better place to have fun with new people and find that special someone. So, let’s explore why so many locals are using some form of North Carolina dating site to get involved with the local dating scene and where eharmony can help.    

Getting out there with North Carolina singles

Between the seemingly endless shimmering Atlantic coastline and the unmistakably warm Carolinian lifestyle, you’ll never be stuck without something interesting to do and somebody interesting to do it with. This variety makes for a very active dating scene, both offline and on any North Carolina dating site.

Just to give you some quick North Carolina dating stats,  just over 43% of the population is currently single and 30% have never been married before. The same source holds that Eastern NC tends to have a higher concentration of single people, on average.1

If you’re looking to get out there and meet one of these 4.4 million North Carolina singles, there are a variety of avenues other than the nightlife. One of the best ways to meet singles is through your passions. If you enjoy a solitary hobby or sport, try branching out and joining a club or society for it. Even if you don’t meet singles, you can make connections that may lead to other novel social experiences. You could also join the wave and try a North Carolina dating site. Many let you set age and proximity limits for profiles so you can hone in on your type of local singles. They also let you get a proper idea of your personal dating landscape as it lets you see who exactly is out there and looking for the same thing as you.          

Get more from your North Carolina dating site with eharmony

There are so many dating apps out there, but if you’re looking for one that is continuously thought to be the No. 1 most trusted2, you’ll likely be told to join eharmony. This is because we specialize in matching people based on a foundation of true compatibility, informed by over 20 years of dating and relationship expertise. Some of our proudest achievements in that time include:

  • Building up an incredibly sizable and diverse membership base of singles seeking out sincere connections. By operating internationally and thinking locally, we bring a more sophisticated and data-driven approach to matching than any other local North Carolina dating site.
  • This approach’s success speaks for itself as we have helped guide over 2 million people on their dating journey to love.
  • These days, we’ve gotten so good at connecting the right people that we found that every 14 minutes on eharmony, someone finds love.  

Want to know how we can also help you?

How our features help you find lasting love in North Carolina

If you’d like to see our platform and experience how it works for yourself, here’s how easy it is to get started:

  • You begin with our Compatibility Quiz, which helps us gain insights into four key areas: your character, lifestyle, approach to dating and communication style. This is how our matching algorithm finds just the right people for you.
  • Now it’s time to put together your profile. Find a well-shot, recent photo of yourself and include some details on your life and interests.
  • Now that you can make a good impression, check out your matches. These are all North Carolina singles that based on our Compatibility Quiz results we think would make great partners for you.
  • Once you’ve found some interesting people, reach out. Remember to stay respectful and inquisitive, and maybe you can work your way to a Date.     

Let’s look at some of our most popular features.

A North Carolina dating site that puts your goals at the center

Your dating journey starts with compatibility but the next stop is your personal preferences. Use our powerful filters to quickly sort through your Match List based on a variety of factors including height, age, smoking preferences, people with children, their desire for children, education level, personal interests and so much more.

Profiles that help get things started

Our profiles are designed not only to share biographical and lifestyle information but also to give you quick insights into the interests and personality traits that connect the two of you through your similarities. These can help you get the conversation started when you reach out.

Date safely and respectfully online

Through our helpful customer support channels as well as thorough system monitoring, we’ve been able to provide a safe and secure environment for people to exchange with other open-minded, respectful people without needing to worry about abusive or deceptive user accounts. 

Dating tips for North Carolina

When you find someone you like on your Match List, you’re going to need an opening message. You want to show that you’re interested while also standing out a bit. You could try something a little playful like:

I saw you bragging about your BBQ skills in your hobbies. I’m pretty sure I’m the NC BBQ champion so we should meet up sometime and settle who’s better. I’ll bring the Cheerwine!

Once they’ve agreed to a first date, here are some interesting first date places in North Carolina you could take them:

  • ZipQuest Waterfall & Treetop Adventure in Fayetteville – Experience Cumberland County’s idyllic forests from high up in the sky in this thrilling first date adventure.
  • Funny Bus City Comedy Tours in Charlotte – Get to know the famous city a little better while getting in some chuckles.
  • Hike Mount Mitchell in Burnsville – As one of the most famous peaks in the state, this makes for a great active first date.  There’s even a restaurant at the peak for you to take a rest, enjoy a meal and take in the view.

It’s time to take the wheel of your relationship journey

Much like staring out at the state’s coastline, dating in North Carolina can often feel like an infinite ocean of romantic mystery and opportunity. But it can also feel temperamental, foreboding and, sometimes, overwhelming. Even using a North Carolina dating site can leave you feeling spoiled for choice but just as confused.

Why not let eharmony be there with you to steer you on your journey and help support you through high and low tides until clear waters finally give way and reveal that special person you were always meant to be with?

You don’t have to explore the beauty of North Carolina alone. Register for a free and start that journey together today.

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  1. source: The University of North Carolina 

  2. source: 2022 Survey of 1,300 Respondents from the US, UK, Canada and Australia