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Dating in DC: Why Washington is a Capital Place to Find Love

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

It’s easy, when you think of Washington DC, to think it’s all about politics in the nation’s capital. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. There’s so much more and plenty of scope for dating in DC, including a great food scene, some of the best museums (all free!) in the country, great sports teams and all that history. Plus, statistics show that nearly 70% of the population being single.

Dating in Washington DC can be a minefield for some singles 

It’s rude to bring up religion and politics at the dinner table. Which can make dating awkward, given the city’s status as the political and legislative center of the United States. Moreover, DC life is busy –everyone works long hours, has full schedules, and wants to spend time with family and friends. So, what does that make for dating in DC? Often it takes a backseat.

That being said, a relationship is still possible – it just means a little more effort finding like-minded singles and being understanding of their schedules when you do.

How to find singles in Washington DC the old-fashioned way

Picks for the best places to meet new people:

  • A group photography class or a writing workshop at The Muse is a great way to tap into your creative side while meeting compatible others.
  • If you’re more the bookish type, connect with other single bookworms at a book club.
  • There’s always someone in need of a helping hand. When you volunteer, you can make the world a better place while meeting like-minded singles in Washington DC. Win-win!
  • DC is home to so many world-class institutions, it would be a shame not to take advantage. Look for your study buddy in a class at a traditional four-year college, or somewhere more off the wall like Knowledge Commons.

How Online Dating in Washington DC gets a jumpstart with eharmony

With how busy their lives are, it’s no surprise that singles from the nation’s capital are choosing to take their search for a next potential relationship online. Using dating sites and apps in DC makes it easier, since online dating allows you to get to know someone, you’re considering dating before going on a personal date.

eharmony knows that while pictures are important, words matter more. That’s why all user profiles are structured with relevant information, giving potential partners the opportunity to get to know you before they get in touch. And filling your profile is made easy for you, with a range of pre-prepared questions that spare you the stress of figuring out the perfect turn of phrase.

A visual first impression is still important, though, which is why you can upload several photos onto your profile page. You can also give visitors a quick snapshot of who you are with the ‘Personal Quote’ section, or let them know what you’re thinking with the ‘What’s On My Mind’ portion of your profile.

Furthermore, eharmony provides question prompts so you’re not stuck trying to decide for what to write on your profile. Plus, you’ll find a list of hobbies, take from the your Compatibility Quiz answers, on your profile to ensure that anyone seeing it knows instantly if you have anything in common.

eharmony also understands that sometimes, you just want to know the most important things about someone. Which is why the final section of your profile is the ‘Who Am I’ section’ which allows you to input answers to four important questions:

  • ‘I’m Thankful For’
  • ‘Best Life Skills’
  • ‘Things I Can’t Live Without’
  • and ‘My Friends Describe Me As…’

– all of which also make for great jumping-off points to get to know that special someone.

Great first date ideas in Washington DC

  • If you and your date are both bookworms, an afternoon perusing books at a local indie (Kramer’s or Capitol Hill Books) makes for a great first encounter.
  • Show your date how cool you can be with an ice-skating date at Washington Harbor or the National Mall.
  • Skip the museums on the National Mall and explore other DC gems like the National Museum of Women in the Arts or the Newseum.
  • Or catch a performance; between the Lincoln Theater, the Kennedy Center, and the 9:30 Club, there’s something to suit every kind of taste.

Singles, you won’t regret making time for dating in DC

Between professional commitments and spending time with family and friends, there’s not a lot of time for dating in Washington DC. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a moment to stop and smell the cherry blossoms, or take advantage of all the district has to offer, like its huge variety of museums or its thriving arts scene or great food. And with eharmony, finding someone to share DC with is a whole lot easier.

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