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Dating in Las Vegas – Winning Big with Love

by eharmony Editorial Team - August 3, 2022

With all the flashing lights, sounds, attractions, and sheer energy palpable everywhere in the city, it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to dating in Las Vegas. But just like in every city and town in the US, there are people in every corner looking for that one simple joy, someone to spend their life with.

Using a compatibility-based matching algorithm along with our 20 years of industry-leading expertise, we help find and connect Las Vegas singles on a more solid and tested basis than mere initial attraction. Here’s how we can help you.  

eharmony’s Las Vegas dating check


best city for singles

according to Wallethub study


of the Las Vegas population is single

according to the US Census Bureau


medium cost of dating in Las Vegas

top 3 Las Vegas date spots

Art Experience at Omega Mart

Fantasy Lab

The Cabinet of Curiosities

One of the best cities for Las Vegas singles

Many singles in the city can be apprehensive about dating in Las Vegas. The adult playground atmosphere and the revolving door of weekend tourists at every hotel can give one the impression that intimacy is difficult to find and is, ultimately, fleeting in the city of lights.

However, they’re also a lot of opportunities for Las Vegas singles that you don’t find in other cities. The gender ratio is almost equal so there’s no shortage of singles or chances to meet them, thanks to most places staying open 24 hours. The visitors also help create a rich and diverse cultural melting pot where the right person for you is bound to be found mingling amongst.

Many people have caught up with modern times and looked into Las Vegas dating sites. These are popular with people dating in Las Vegas because they let you start dating from anywhere, which is great for people with other commitments in life. You can also localize your search to nearby singles, which can be useful for people living on either side of the I-15 freeway, for instance. Not just that but you can also filter on preference, such as age and other factors on a Las Vegas dating app.    

eharmony makes dating in Las Vegas simple and successful

Like many of the world’s most famous cities, there’s an large presence of local and international services for online dating in Las Vegas, geared to all kinds of different singles. What makes eharmony stand out and remain such a consistent choice for our members is how we approach matching. If you want endless options of people who have nothing in common with you, then eharmony is not the place for you.

We put meaningful connections and you at the center of our matching practices, using your personality, lifestyle, approach to dating, and communication style to intelligently match you with relationship-minded singles. Our services are so effective in this regard that we:

  • Have created an incredibly large community of members looking for true love, by cultivating a community of genuine singles that are inclusive, open-minded and internationally diverse.
  • As a result of this commitment, we help someone on eharmony find love every 14 minutes.
  • That means we’ve helped over 2 million people find love since we began operating over 2 decades ago.

By thinking locally but operating internationally, we have created distinct data-driven features that make meeting Las Vegas singles a much more sincere and effective process.

Playing for keeps with eharmony

Convinced and ready to start dating more successfully on eharmony? We take you from sign-up to engaging with like-minded singles in no time at all. Here’s the beginning process:

  • When you sign up, you take our Compatibility Quiz. This simple quiz is how we figure out all those aspects of your personality and other pertinent information and dating behavior to find singles that suit you.
  • The quiz will help set up your profile but remember to add other interesting things about yourself as well as a recent good-quality photo.
  • You can check out your Match List as soon as the quiz is over. Explore their profiles to find some opportunities for dating in Last Vegas that interest you or stand out.
  • Once you’ve found some people, start chatting. Start with something light and see where the conversation takes you.

Some of our favorite features that help you along your journey.

Dating in Las Vegas by preference and compatibility

Compatibility may come first on eharmony but we also respect that our members know what they’re looking for in other regards. Filter and sort your list by a range of factors including height, ethnicity, education, desire for children and even interests.

Insights on your similarities before reaching out

Our profiles are designed to impart as much information on our members in the shortest time possible. In particular, our Similarities section lets you quickly compare aspects of your profile and Personality Profile for the things most important to you.

Interact with open-minded Las Vegas singles on a respectful platform

We are the most trusted dating app1. To help members preserve a sense of ease and security, we exclusively allow respectful, open-minded and inclusive discourse on our platform, responding to user complaints directly and removing abusive accounts. 

Start Dating in Las Vegas with eharmony

Unlike all the other games in the top casinos on the strip, love doesn’t have to be a wager for those dating in Las Vegas. eharmony can help slow down that dizzying carousel of potential matches found online and replace them with a highly curated and scientifically-informed list of singles who aren’t a gamble but someone you actually have a chance of a lasting and meaningful future with. So put away those dice and find a safe bet for once at eharmony.

Find Real Love on eharmony

eharmony has helped millions of people find real love over the past 20+ years, and we’re on a mission to help millions more achieve the same.

  1. source: 2022 Survey of 1,300 Respondents from the US, UK, Canada and Australia