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Singles in Bakersfield and Their Dating Scene in the Central Valley

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

Nestled in California’s Central Valley, Bakersfield is a large city with a small-town feel. Although some may only know the city because of its oil and farming, residents know that there’s so much more to Bakersfield. Singles in the city have access to a burgeoning food scene, some of the most gorgeous views in the state, great country music, and more. And with half the population being single, dating in Bakersfield couldn’t be better.

Why it’s not always sunny when it comes to traditional dating in Bakersfield

Even though it’s located in California, Bakersfield does have seasons – the weather goes from triple digits in summer to below freezing in winter, which can make going outside a less than tempting prospect during those seasons. Luckily, Bakersfield singles can find ways to work around the weather – dressing in layers, checking the weather, or making sure to meet somewhere that always has an inside space.

Another issue with dating in Bakersfield is the city’s lack of public transport – singles who don’t drive can find themselves cut off from the dating scene. But that’s all the more reason to get to know their neighborhood hangouts.

Three places to meet Singles in Bakersfield

  • New to town? The Bakersfield Newcomers Club is a great place to make new friends and maybe find that special someone.
  • Talk about unexpected treasures – the Kern County Basque Club is a great way to learn more about this little-known region of the world, and meet like-minded others too.
  • Love the outdoors? Consider joining a running, hiking, or biking club, or even a conservation group. Meeting fellow outdoorsy singles while making the world a better place – win-win!

Dating goes online in Bakersfield

While there’s still something to be said for looking for love the old-fashioned way, these days many Bakersfield singles would rather take the search online – and for good reason! Taking your search online means that you can make a split second decision or take your time, depending on what you prefer. And exiting an online conversation is infinitely easier than escaping a first date that isn’t going well.

Swiping and winking have their places, but when it comes to finding something real in a relationship, eharmony is the way to go. With over twenty years of experience bringing couples together, eharmony lets you go deeper than your profile pic. The Compatibility Matching System helps to ensure all members will find someone with the same values and vision for a relationship as you.

How eharmony’s Compatibility Matching System works

eharmony knows that compatibility isn’t just whether you have the same interests, or enjoy the same things – it’s far more than that. It’s how much of a risk-taker you are, how open you are to new experiences, how you prefer to communicate. That deeper kind of compatibility is what makes a relationship last, more than a shared love of Italian food, or extreme sports, or romantic comedies. And that’s the kind of compatibility this dating platform looks for when matching people.

When you sign up for eharmony, the first step is the Compatibility Quiz, which creates your Personality Profile based on your quiz results. Your Profile is then checked against all other users that match your search criteria to find your most compatible partners.

Top three date ideas in Bakersfield

Bakersfield may not have the same big city reputation as other cities in the state, but that doesn’t mean there’s nowhere to take a date. Here are our recommendations:

  • Head to Corks and Strokes for a wine-and-painting first date. It’s a low-stakes activity, and you get a souvenir at the end of the night!
  • Rather a show? Head to the Empty Space Cabaret for everything from cabaret to classic theater. Or to Studio Movie Grill if you’d like to eat and watch.
  • If you or your date are Sherlock fans, you can’t go wrong with a first date at an escape room, like Puzzle Effect or Brainy Actz.

Singles in Bakersfield, that’s the way love goes

For singles in this city, there’s no shortage of ways to find your next love. From games of mus at the Basque Cub to a visit to the city’s many parks and museums to just plain being set up. But if you’d rather take your love life into your own hands, sign up for eharmony and get started searching today.

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