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Dating in Los Angeles – Immerse in the City’s Magic, Find True Love

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

With a population of just over 3.9 million1 and being one of the largest city areas in the country, dating in Los Angeles can often feel like a wild guessing game where you don’t know the rules. It also doesn’t help that Los Angeles singles can sometimes have a somewhat detached approach to dating initially, owing to so much competition in the local dating scene.

This is why eharmony connects people based on the compatibility of their personalities and lifestyles as well as on their desire for a lasting meaningful relationship. This is how we help you cut through all the noise of dating in LA.

eharmony’s Los Angeles dating check


of the LA population is single

according to the US Census Bureau


high cost of dating in LA

Top 3 LA Date Spots

Picnic at The Getty

Swan Boats at Echo Park Lake

Spend the day in Malibu

Meeting Los Angeles Singles in this modern day

There’s so much going on everywhere along this sun-kissed metropolis that it can be difficult just to decide on what kind of events are best to find your kind of prospects for dating in Los Angeles. Add in the traffic, and it can make singles quite reluctant to move around too much. To find singles that are right for you, you need to be true to your own interests and social pace. Here are some suggestions:

  • Atwater Village – This area has great nightlife and daytime activities without the youthful intensity of areas like Loz Feliz and Silver Lake. A great social meeting spot for older, more relaxed Los Angeles singles.
  • Take a class – Expand your horizons while gaining a new skill and working with new people. You could try an art class at the Brentwood Art Center or a beginner’s improv class at the famous UCB or the Groundlings, if you’re feeling bold.
  • Food festivals – The various food festivals held around the city, such as the Smorgasburg in downtown LA are a foodie’s dream and draw singles from all over the city.

To skip all the legwork and time it can often take to attend and socialize at these events, busy people dating in Los Angeles often make heavy use of one of the various LA dating app options on offer. They let you set preferences like age range and height while keeping your dating options local by changing proximity settings. Best of all, they let you have interactions and initiate dates from anywhere, so you don’t have to make much room in your schedule to use them.  

How are we making dating in Los Angeles straightforward

If you’re single and live in the city, you’ve likely had your fair share of experience with Los Angeles dating sites. Depending on your outlook, these may have been useful to you, if not a little expensive and time-consuming.

eharmony is all about making you date smarter instead of harder. Rather than swiping through endless profiles and about sections, we use a matching algorithm that’s been continually refined by our relationship experts over the last 20+ years to search on your behalf. The result is a highly curated list of potential matches that compliment your specific personality, lifestyle and approach to dating.

Our achievements include:

  • Putting over 2 million of our members in meaningful, lasting relationships based on compatibility and designed to last.
  • Building an incredibly broad and varied member base of respectful, relationship-minded singles from all walks of life, both all over the Los Angeles area as well as further afield.   
  • Making sure that we maintain our standard of helping someone find real, sincere love on our eharmony every 14 minutes

Let’s take a look at some of eharmony’s most popular features.   

Starting dating in Los Angeles with eharmony and how we support you through your journey

Registering with eharmony and chatting with potential matches is incredibly straightforward. After you sign-up using your email or socials you:

  • Finish a Compatibility Quiz that takes 20-minutes to conclude your registration. This quiz looks into 4 crucial areas of successful relationships between two people: character, communication style, relationship style and lifestyle.
  • You’ll need to flesh out your profile so it expresses some deeper aspects of you beyond the biographically obvious.
  • Your Match List includes all compatible options on the eharmony platform. Sort and filter to find some people you think you might like.
  • Start a conversation. This is how most good romances begin.

Here’s how you can leverage our features to get more out of your experience.  

Combine your preferences with our powerful matching system

While we intelligently match and establish compatibility for you, we still want you to feel like you’re in the driver’s seat. Use a collection of our filters to find Los Angeles dating opportunities who, for instance, want children someday, share your beliefs, are college educated and like the same music as you. 

Los Angeles dating profiles that don’t waste your time

We know that perusing through dozens of profiles can get a little boring after a while. This is why we curate your list and offer such extensive filters. But our profiles are also designed to quickly get to the heart of a person, revealing their lifestyle, hobbies, passions and the little idiosyncrasies that make them special, as well as how they compare to you. 

We actively foster respectful and secure interactions

Online dating doesn’t need to come with the disrespectful messages and harassment from suspicious accounts, dating is already hard enough. So, by actively monitoring our system to ensure members feel respected and by providing meaningful support to all we’ve quickly established ourselves as the No.1 trusted dating app2.

Looking for the perfect date in Los Angeles? We can help

One of the most crucial moments in online dating is your opening message. It can often make or break an interaction.

Here is an example of a first message you can send to other LA singles:

Are you excited for Coachella or any other festivals this year? I want to go but I swear, every year it gets harder.

Older singles often relate to a reduced need for nightlife and it also helps you declare where you’re at in your life right now.

  • Get out of the hustle and bustle of LA and take in a Malibu wine safari package. These can be a very relaxing way to spend an afternoon while getting in touch with local California wildlife.
  • The Swan paddle boats in Echo Park may be a tourist favorite, but for good reason. There’s no better way to get a bit active while taking in the park’s natural beauty.
  • Spend the day shopping for unfamiliar and delicious foods at Grand Central Market. Maybe you can put together some ingredients for a scrumptious improvised dinner at your house.

In the city of stars, let eharmony help you find yours

When it comes to Los Angeles, we’re often confronted with two polar realities of this city: its beauty and glamor contrasted with its world-renowned constant traffic. And when it comes to the dating scene in LA, it can often feel like it has more in common with this traffic than any other positive trait. Singles here can feel lost and confused. Stuck on a long, slow road to a destination they’re not even sure they want to arrive at. Let eharmony guide you to the next turn-off, get you free from the city noise and help you see the true road to a meaningful relationship.

Find Real Love on eharmony

eharmony has helped millions of people find real love over the past 20+ years, and we’re on a mission to help millions more achieve the same.

  1. source: World Population Review 

  2. source: 2022 Survey of 1,300 Respondents from the US, UK, Canada and Australia