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Hawaii Dating Site: Find your perfect match on eharmony

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

When it comes to finding love on the islands, it can be difficult to know where to start. From expanding your social circle to exploring the many opportunities on a Hawaii dating site, the possibilities are infinite. However, like with many journeys, the hardest step is usually the first one.

For many Hawaii singles, putting yourself out there initially can be tough. Many feel more comfortable just playing it safe in their existing bubble. But with eharmony, one of the leading online dating apps, we can help you make the most of your dating efforts by intelligently matching you while providing a versatile platform for your interactions to mature into something deeper. Let’s explore how we can help you.

Mingling with other Hawaii singles

The profusion of visitors and locals alike exploring all facets of the islands makes the prospects for dating in Hawaii a lot more promising than in many other states. Before trying a Hawaii dating site, you could explore other social spaces. Waikiki is well-known as a nightlife hotspot, providing a vibrant setting to meet new people. For a trendier location, you could also look out for events and markets in the fashionable Kaka’ako area. Looking for something more active? Try a group sporting activity like snorkeling or outrigger canoeing to explore the smaller islands to get in touch with like-minded Hawaii singles.

However, meeting people in real life can also have its downsides:

  • Hawaii’s population is quite dense but the separation of the islands can sometimes make it harder to meet other local singles centrally.
  • Tourism is great for providing a lively social scene but can be obtrusive for those looking for nearby singles to build sustainable, long-term relationships with.
  • Sometimes meeting the right person isn’t enough. You may be interested in starting a family and they may want to focus on their career at that point.

Many look to a Hawaii dating site to find suitable singles. The perks of this include:

  • You can set up a Hawaii dating app so only nearby singles show up as potential dating options.
  • It lets you date from anywhere, which helps if you are remote or short on time.
  • Many services let you filter people based on your preferences. 

 Each service has its approach to online dating. Here’s what makes eharmony stand apart.  

Looking for a Hawaii dating site? Try eharmony

In this modern era it’s no secret that there’s a veritable trove of options online to meet other Hawaii singles. From swipe-based dating apps to dating coach services, the different choices can leave people a bit confused.

However, singles who value their time and are looking for more tangible and meaningful interactions on a Hawaii dating site often turn to eharmony. Here’s why we’ve become one of the most reliable names in online dating.

  • Our comprehensive matching system and our platform features have already helped over 2 million people find real, lasting love.
  • You don’t get to these kinds of numbers by not delivering consistent results every day to our valued members. Our services are so effective that we discovered that every 14 minutes, someone on eharmony finds love. 
  • Another aspect that helps us find just the right person for you is our incredibly large membership pool of respectful, open-minded and inclusive singles. This allows us to be highly selective in who we match you up with.     

So how do you get started with eharmony? Let’s take a look at the process.

How we help you along your dating journey

eharmony is a free dating site in Hawaii, with the option to expand your search to different regions or take advantage of the added features offered by Premium Membership. Here’s a quick guide to starting out on eharmony:

  • Take the Compatibility Quiz – The first stop on your dating journey. This quiz evaluates your personality, dating style and lifestyle.
  • Fill in your profile – Share what comprises your life. The more information you include, the more likely you are to get meaningful responses.
  • Explore matches – Your Match List is filled up automatically based on the results of the quiz.
  • Reach out – We offer a selection of communication options to get things started.   

You only need to chat with Hawaii singles that meet your criteria

While our Compatibility Matching System helps find singles who fit your personality, we know people have other qualifiers for who they date. We let you set up advanced filters to find someone who is right for you. This includes basics like age and location but can be expanded to income level, education, religion and even their interests, amongst many other options. 

Get all the info you need to keep the conversation rolling

Our profiles help provide you with a more complete picture of your matches and the similarities you two share without bogging you down in large tracts of text. Explore their basic biography or look into the things that fill their life such as their hobbies, ambitions, lifestyle and even how they perceive themselves.

Providing a secure Hawaii dating site experiencE

Security is paramount at eharmony. Not just in terms of keeping our members’ data and interactions safe but also ensuring people feel a consistent sense of security and support when they’re on our platform. To that end, we take a very active approach to our member pool, regularly removing abusive, deceptive and fake user accounts.

A quick local dating guide to start dating in Hawaii

Once you’ve found some profiles that catch your attention, it’s time to kick things off. In general, opening with an activity you share or are also interested in helps give you something to talk about. For example:

I noticed you like to surf the North Shore. I’ve always wanted to start but the most I’ve done is SUP boarding in Kailua and Hilo Bay. Got any tips for beginners?

This shows your interest in their hobbies while also providing the potential for a first-date activity in Hawaii.

Speaking of local ideas, here are some great first date ideas in Hawaii:

  • Comedy shows can be a good first date as it puts less pressure on creating conversation. Try Jose Dynamite & Friends or the Waikiki Comedy Club.
  • Organize a night picnic and a bottle of wine while looking over the monthly fireworks show at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.
  • For a more informal date, you could try a breezy walk through The Lyon Arboretum and share a couple of coffees or smoothies afterwards.    

Say aloha to your next relationship

From hanging out at hip eateries and galleries in Kaka’ako to exploring the scenic islands from inside a canoe, there’s no end to how you can get in touch with the rich variety of Hawaii singles spread out across Hawaii in your own unique way. eharmony can help you not only find these like-minded people waiting out there but also engage with them in a meaningful and sincere way and build a productive pathway for your relationship. So why wait? Join eharmony for a free account today.  

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