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Singles Pensacola: Find Your Relationship in the Sunshine State

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

Pensacola may be famous for its beautiful white beaches, but that’s not nearly all this Florida city has to offer. Singles in Pensacola who’re tired of the beach, impossible as that sounds, can choose between great food and drinks, lots of interesting historical sights, and gorgeous parks and museums. And with 49% of the population being single, it’s a great time to be dating in this city.

Why Pensacola singles aren’t big fans of traditional dating

While Pensacola isn’t a particularly big city, population-wise, it is very spread out, especially as more and more families move into the area. Add traffic and the long, hot, humid summers, and it’s no wonder singles here prefer staying in to going out. That said, if you can tolerate the heat, there’s plenty to opportunities when it comes to dating in Pensacola, no matter what your age group or interests. It just requires time, patience, and a car with good A/C.

Recommended places to meet singles in Pensacola

  • If you’re the sporty type, Kaboom organizes adult rec leagues in various sports, including kickball, volleyball and cornhole. Get fit and connect with like-minded others!
  • If you’d rather play board games than the other kind, board game nights at TBS Comics are a great way to get to know singles with the same interests.
  • Volunteering is a great way to get some good karma AND meet other altruistic singles in Pensacola.
  • Yes, it can be a tourist trap, but plenty of Pensacola natives love the Blue Angel flyovers too. Head to the beach on a day they’re scheduled for the chance to meet a fellow single fan.

How online dating in Pensacola works with eharmony

While traditional dating still has its charms, and its diehard defenders, online dating is gaining in popularity with singles in Pensacola and elsewhere. Using dating apps to find someone to date has several advantages; for one, you can do it in the comfort of your own home even during a sweltering Florida summer; for another, you’re not limited to just the singles in your neighborhood. Your perfect partner might be in another city or even another country, and dating apps lets you get to know them long distance.

eharmony helps Pensacola singles find love online

While it’s important to have things in common with your potential partner, having too much in common can be a disadvantage too – there’s a risk of things getting boring, or the two of you butting heads more than necessary. Which is why eharmony, with over twenty years of experience in the relationship business, uses a mix of similarities and differences in the algorithm to create your Compatibility Score.

The score is then used to determine your personality, your values, and your likes and dislikes in a relationship.

Where to take a date in Pensacola

  • Take advantage of all that gorgeous white sand with a moonlight picnic on the beach followed by dipping your toes in the Atlantic after.
  • Not a fan of the outdoors? There’s plenty of beauty indoors at the Pensacola Museum of Art, and the exhibits make for great conversation starters.
  • Or indulge your creative side with a paint-your-own-masterpiece date at First City Arts Center or Ellen’s Art Studio.
  • If you or date are sports fans, a Pensacola Ice Flyers or Blue Wahoos game makes for a great date night.

Pensacola singles: Go online and find love in the sparkling white sand

While its beaches may be its claim to fame, there’s so much more in Pensacola for singles. From its growing historic downtown to its proud status as a Naval base to its burgeoning food, arts, and theatre scene, there’s no shortage of things to experience while dating in Pensacola. So, sign up for eharmony and start your next romantic adventure today.

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