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Auburn Singles Score Big when it Comes to Love

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

The largest city in eastern Alabama, Auburn is home to Auburn University and the Auburn Tigers (War Eagle!) as well as a plethora of non-football-related things, including several state parks, a golf course at Indian Pines, fine art at the Jule Collins Smith Museum and much more. And with 63% singles in Auburn it’s also a great place to find a date.

Why dating in Auburn can be tough if you’re not a student 

Don’t let that 63% single figure fool you… as befits its status as a major college town, Auburn is home to a lot of students, in fact nearly half the city’s population. So that means, dating, if you’re not a college student, can be a little challenging. Plus, like with any small town, singles in Auburn tend to be well settled in their own social groups and not really looking to change.

But take heart, singles – you only need that one connection

Places to meet singles in Auburn

Not sure how to meet new people in Auburn now that you’re no longer in college? Here are our tips:

  • If you’re a soccer fan, head to Halftime to watch games with fellow (hopefully single) soccer fans.
  • Or if you’re more into service than services, volunteering lets you do good while also getting the chance to make contact with other altruistic singles in Auburn.
  • Take advantage of all the parks in and around Auburn and find a group to go hiking or kayaking with. You never know who you might bump into!

How online dating makes your search for a partner in Auburn successful

It’s becoming more and more common for singles to look for love through dating apps. Switching to online dating lets singles take their time and get to know the people they’re talking to. Not to mention that with online dating, you’re not restricted to only the people in your vicinity.

If you’re someone that is looking for a deeper connection rather than just a quick swipe, eharmony is the perfect site for you. eharmony find people that you’re sure to have a connection with using their   Compatibility Matching System, a unique system proven to help find real love.  

What’s behind this matching system and all those success stories?

Every eharmony member is asked to take a Compatibility Quiz on sign-up, the answers for which having two purposes: creating their Personality Profile and serving as a basis for the matching algorithm eharmony uses to match users with people who share their vision and values. Once you’re matched with compatible singles you can go at your own pace and get to know people at a far deeper level than just their profile picture.

What else is significant about eharmony?

The dating site and app also provides its members different conversation tools. You can send a Smile to let the other person know you’ve seen and liked their profile, if a message feels like too big a step. Or send them an Icebreaker to get to know them better – eharmony creates specially designed questions to take the stress out of those first conversations. Once you’ve gotten past the first stages of getting to know each other, you can have more in-depth conversations with the text messaging feature.

4 awesome Auburn first date ideas

  • Pack a picnic lunch and head to Chewacla State Park for a chill, outdoorsy date in the middle of nature.
  • For art lovers, the Jule Collins Museum of Fine Art is a great way to add some culture to your date.
  • The Davis Arboretum is a great place for a meandering romantic walk while learning about Alabama’s native plant life.
  • Pull out all the stops with a first date at The Depot, an upscale Gulf Coast Brasserie that offers traditional Alabama cuisine elevated to a whole new level.

eharmony helps Auburn singles make meaningful connections

Auburn isn’t called The Loveliest Village on the Plains for nothing – while football may be its claim to fame, this college town also boasts gorgeous parks, a surprisingly robust restaurant scene, and even sports other than football. All that remains is finding someone to enjoy it with, so sign up for eharmony and get started on your Auburn love story today.

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