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Singles in Naples, FL 2023: Find your Slice of paradise with someone

by eharmony Editorial Team - January 1, 2023

Whether you love golfing until the sun sets, exploring the white sand beaches or sampling the diverse cuisines, this Southwest Florida gem never runs out of splendorous backdrops to enjoy the city’s numerous offerings.

However, many singles in Naples, FL – around 42% of the population1 – are looking to enjoy the aptly named Paradise Coast with someone else. Thankfully, the city is filled with diverse singles and plenty of exciting opportunities to meet them. Let’s take a look at the dating scene.

Some numbers on dating in Naples, FL

Beyond the weather and locals, dating in Naples, FL comes with a lot of perks. But let’s also look at some stats according to the US Census Bureau and a dating study by real-estate tech company Zumper:

  • The city has a single population of over 8,000.
  • Including the surrounding population that considers itself part of the Naples community, that number jumps to approximately 140,000 singles in Naples, FL.
  • The gender ratio is 54.7 % Female and 45.2 % Male.
  • There are about 25 bars and restaurants per capita.
  • The city scored higher than most major Florida cities and is almost on par with Miami as a dating hotspot.

You can see from these numbers, there are not only a lot more opportunities for dating in Naples, FL, than most people think but also a huge variety of avenues to explore to interact with these singles. 

Where you can meet singles in Naples, FL

Here are some local social hotspots in the city:

  • The Mercato – The entertainment center of the city and always playing host to all manner of live events.
  • Vanderbilt Farmers Market – Farmer’s markets in general are great for meeting singles as they draw in people from around the surrounding area.
  • Celebration Park – Enjoy a drink and the famous sunset at this local waterside favorite and a conversation may spark with someone interesting.
  • Seagate Beach – Explore some water sports to meet new singles in Naples, FL, or just start up a conversation.
  • Bonita Springs and Beach – As one of the few pet-friendly parks and beaches in the city, this can be a great place for pets and their owners to come together and socialize.
  • Community centers – These have a calendar of neighborhood events and smaller get-togethers that are regularly held. 
  • Naples Country Club – Or any country club or public league. Tennis and pickleball are particularly good for meeting new people.   

eharmony helps realize your relationship potential

If you’ve explored Naples dating sites, as most local singles in this day and age have, you may have had some mixed results. Some good dates and some you’d rather forget. Where eharmony creates a difference for people dating in Naples, FL, is that the dating app is designed to help people learn more about themselves and what they’re looking for to help build meaningful relationships with people they deeply connect with. eharmony focuses on singles looking for quality interactions and meaningful, lasting relationships. By approaching compatibility-based matching practices from the perspective of science and data, eharmony has created a place where you can authentically engage with like-minded singles in Naples, FL who have been selected by the matching algorithm based on your personality and lifestyle.  

The Compatibility Matching System is so effective that every 14 minutes, someone finds love and eharmony is rated as the No. 1 trusted dating app2. This is because eharmony centers their services around their members. They not only provide data-driven matching, but also an open-minded and welcoming platform to engage with other authentic singles through your profile, messaging and other platform features.

Signing up is incredibly easy

Here’s how you can start matching with compatible singles from Naples today:

  • Upon sign-up, you complete the Compatibility Quiz. The matching algorithm uses the results of the  20-minute test to match you based on character, communication style, what drives you and how you arrange your everyday life.
  • Then you just have to quickly set up your profile with some information about you. The profiles are designed to be meaningful and dig into what makes you tick.
  • Now you can check out your Match List of singles in Naples, FL, which was automatically populated by your quiz results. You can further filter this list by location, age, religion, ethnicity, height, education and so much more.
  • Now comes the fun part. Reaching out to other members. We’ve included several communication features so how you make an impression is up to you. 

Find someone who gets you

From its white beaches to its stunning vistas of Southwest Florida’s scenic majesty, it can be easy to get lost in the quiet serenity of the Paradise Coast. But when you take the time to explore the dating scene and range of activities for singles in Naples, FL, you’ll find dating opportunities simmering beneath the sun-drenched exterior of the city.

Let eharmony help you find and make the most of these opportunities. Find the right person for you today. Register with eharmony.   

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  1. According to the US Census 

  2. 2022 Survey of 1,300 Respondents from the US, UK, Canada and Australia