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25 Day Date Ideas To Deepen Your Connection

by eharmony Editorial Team - November 22, 2023

Date night has its advantages… but so do date days. Dating during the day is a great option for people who may have work or family commitments that make staying late hard, or even people who want to shake things up a little. With this list of day date ideas, you’ll be well set to inject a little romance into your life no matter what time it is.

Day dates vs evening dates

Why pick day dates over evening dates? For one thing, you’ll have more energy for a date when it’s not at the end of the day. For another, more things – museums, art galleries, parks – are open during the day (therefore especially interesting if you are looking for first date ideas) . Thirdly, you can easily spend hours together without worrying about how you’ll get up on time the next morning. Plus, weekday dates means daycare or school takes care of any babysitting – especially important for any parents around!

Regardless of the kind of date you’re thinking of, we have day date ideas for you:

Sunny day date ideas

Take advantage of the great weather with these day date ideas:

  • Attend a free outdoor event: Plenty of cities have free outdoor concerts, yoga or plays in the summer; the perfect summertime date!
  • Hit the zoo: Get up close and personal with nature with a trip to your local zoo. You can even pack a lunch! (Just don’t feed the critters.)
  • Visit the county fair: Even for city slickers, it can be great fun watching the animals, marveling at the crafts on display, and of course, eating that county fair food. (Funnel cake, anyone?)
  • Go on a bike ride: Hit the trails or explore your city on two wheels.
  • Head outside: You could go on a hike, find a place to go kayaking or paddle-boarding, or simply pack a picnic lunch and people watch.

Rainy day date ideas

Being stuck indoors is no reason not to have fun. Some rainy day date ideas:

  • Get a little culture in: A rainy day is the perfect time to visit a local museum. Some even have self-guided tours you can take.
  • Look for Nemo: If you’d rather the water stay where it belongs, a trip to your local aquarium is a fun way to pass a rainy day.
  • Play a board game: Head to a board game café, or bust out your own collection. There are several co-op games for two if you don’t feel like being competitive.
  • Turn your living room into a dance floor: Set up your Spotify playlist, hit up YouTube for tutorial videos, and dance like nobody’s watching.
  • Try for a high score: Feeling nostalgic? Track down an arcade for an afternoon of old-fashioned fun.
  • Watch a movie: Watching a movie together in the theater or even at home on the couch is certainly not just an idea for at home date night .

Winter day date ideas

Here are some delightful ideas for date ideas during the day, even if the weather outside is frightful:

  • Build a snowman: Humming (or singing) a certain Disney song completely optional.
  • Take photos: If you’re a fan of holiday displays, why not take advantage of the light and snap photos of you and your beau in front of them?
  • Cook or bake something: With the temperature dropping, it’s the perfect excuse to whip up a hot meal or a tray of cookies.
  • Curl up with a book: What better way to spend a cold day than snuggled under a blanket with your sweetie, a book and some hot chocolate?

Brief day date ideas

You’re not always going to have as much time to spend with your partner as you’d like, alas. Some quick day date ideas:

  • Take a short walk: Set a timer on your phones for 15 or 20 minutes, depending on how much time you have to spare, and start walking.
  • Watch funny YouTube videos together: You may not have time for a movie, but you can still share your favorite YT videos with each other.
  • Grab an ice-cream cone: The laws of physics mean this date will have to be short (but at least it’ll be sweet).
  • Get in a quick workout: You don’t have to go the full 90 minutes; there are several shorter ways you can build up a sweat together.

Longer day date ideas

Extended time together is a luxury. Some ways to take full advantage:

  • Take a day trip: It could be somewhere local, somewhere a couple hours’ drive away, to a different city or somewhere in nature.
  • Attend a festival together: Whether it’s music, art, or crafts, spending the day at a festival of some kind is a great all-day date.
  • Settle in for a movie marathon: Pick your favorites, make a big bowl of popcorn, and let the fun begin.
  • Volunteer: Spending time helping people or animals while bonding with your significant other is good for you and your relationship.
  • Do a multi-stop tour: Of cafes, of breweries, of bookstores… whatever your interests, pick four or five places that cater to them, create an itinerary, and enjoy a long, meandering date.

Explore further date ideas

Still searching for further date ideas? Explore a bunch of different date ideas – casual, spontaneous, and memorable. Regardless of what point you’re at in your relationship, you’ll find cool and interesting date ideas to wow your partner with.

Put a new spin on dating with day dates

While day dates aren’t as common as the traditional night out, they’re still a great way to get to know someone in a lower-stakes environment. That said, the timing of your date isn’t as important as the person you’re on the date with. Regardless of whether your date is in the morning, at night, or anytime in between, what matters is the connection between you two – which is where eharmony comes in. Our members are looking for real love with like-minded singles. If that sounds good to you, sign up for eharmony and get started on the path to a lasting connection today.

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