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Hispanic Dating: Things to Consider

Entering the world of Hispanic dating? Before pursuing that special partner, consider the following:

Hispanic Dating: Family Matters

In most Latin communities, family is of the utmost importance. Enter into a relationship with respect for the family you’re about to join; significant others are often quickly adopted into the fold. Close-knit community is often the rule rather than the exception, but everyone’s situation will still be unique. It’s important that you learn to honor that relationship and embrace his/her family. Talk about family dynamics early on. In Hispanic dating, family will always play an important role.

Hispanic Dating: Faith and Tradition

Even if your Hispanic date isn’t specifically religious, his/her family may have a faith association. Be careful about how you approach discussions on religion, especially if your own ideas may come across as cynical. Learn about your date’s relationship with both faith and cultural traditions and discover if you’re spiritually compatible.  Respect what you don’t know, ask questions, and be honest about your own relationship with God, faith, and tradition.

Don’t assume that your date’s world view will mirror yours just because you share Latin heritage. As with any new relationship, Hispanic or not, discovering spiritual and cultural differences and commonalities is part of the adventure. Faith can be a deal-breaker, so share early on.

Hispanic Dating: Take it Slow

Before you make any smooth moves on your date, acknowledge that some Hispanic daters may have traditional, stricter dating rules and expect certain restraint or dating etiquette. Others will have adapted a more “Americanized” — for a lack of a better term — approach to dating. Don’t overwhelm your date with premature advances and instead talk about physical boundaries and the pace of your relationship. Show respect for one another’s boundaries.

Stereotypes can be dissected and trust established when a relationship is entered with defined intentions and with respect. By getting to know one another, you’ll also discover insecurities and baggage stemming from previous broken relationships. If infidelity was an issue, reassure your partner by taking extra steps to show your loyalty and respect for him/her.

Taking a relationship slow physically allows you to determine if you’re compatible in ways that will dictate a long, healthy relationship.