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3 Attitudes that are Irresistible to a Man

Do you know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to making a man feel an intense level of attraction for you?

Think about the last time you dated a great guy who got distant all of a sudden. He stopped calling as often or expressed doubt about whether or not he was “ready” for a relationship.

If you’re like a lot of women who struggle at this point in a relationship and wonder what’s wrong with some men, then you probably tried very hard to convince the man you felt the right connection with that you were a great catch. You might have done things for him. You might have bought him gifts. You might have poured out your heart to him in the hopes that he would let his guard down and confess his true feelings for you, too.

The reality is that while these “strategies” with men are common things lots of women do, rarely do they actually work out. That’s because there’s a secret about men that a lot of women don’t get:

If a man isn’t feeling that gut-level attraction for you, any attempts to convince him to like you and feel things for you will only backfire.

On the other hand, the women who men find irresistible have certain “attitudes” that draw a man’s attention and interest easily with little or no effort. You can think of these “attitudes” as what you are saying to a man without you saying a word. Your internal emotions, your body language, and your tone of voice all communicate your “attitude” at a deep level.

Now, these attitudes can have a man craving as much quality time as he can get with you, to where he feels positively addicted to being with you.

Here are three attitudes that are subtly irresistible to a man:

Irresistible Attitude #1: “I don’t let a man determine what I will have in my love life.”

This kind of woman won’t settle for a man who isn’t giving her what she wants and needs, emotionally. Men respect this at a deep level, and either become engaged and inspired by this to want to be with you…or turn the other way if they really aren’t looking for what you want. It’s a great “qualifier” that also happens to make the right man feel ATTRACTED to you.

Irresistible Attitude #2: “I’d leave a man before I’d let him ruin my life.”

This woman won’t stay in a relationship that’s abusive, degrading or morally questionable. She also won’t put up with bad behavior from a man. Integrity and trust are important to her, and she lets him know that.

Irresistible Attitude #3: “I wouldn’t keep a man from doing the healthy, personal things he enjoys, or let my own fears or limitations stand in his way.”

She knows that her man is an adult who has the right and freedom to make his own choices — and the more she tries to restrict him, the less he’s going to feel open, free and empowered when he’s with her. She respects his need to pursue his goals and dreams.

When you trigger intense attraction in a man by embodying these irresistible attitudes, he is much less likely to “get weird” on you when you let him know how you’re feeling, because he’ll be craving a meaningful and deep connection with you as well.

If your “love strategy” hasn’t been successful lately, then it’s time to stop feeling bad about yourself and your love life and start creating the feelings in a man that will lay the foundation for the relationship you really want.

Do you know what tugs at a man’s heart EMOTIONALLY, and creates the emotional attraction that’s much deeper and stronger than just physical attraction?

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I’ll talk to you again soon, and best of luck in love and love.

Your Friend,

Christian Carter

Author, “Catch Him & Keep Him”

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