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Dressing Down: The Outdoor Date

You’ve been on a few fun dates with a new eHarmony match. The two of you have great chemistry and the conversation flows easily. He’s witty and attractive and gainfully employed. He’s also mentioned he’s quite the outdoorsman, which seems manly and romantic until he suggests that your next date take place in a rustic setting. Looking sexy and put-together at night on the town may be easy, but how about in bright sunshine deep in the woods? That’s not quite so easy.

But not to worry, we’re here to help. eHarmony and Neutrogena have teamed up to share a few simple tips to keep your look perfectly pretty even when dressed down for that next stroll in the park.

The Outfit

Keeping an outfit casual can actually be just as challenging as dressing to the nines. Counterintuitive but true. If you are a woman who struggles to find the sweet spot between sweats and cocktail dresses, the key is to keep things well tailored and feminine.

Comfortable and informal doesn’t have to mean dowdy and boring. Today, it’s easy to find jeans, khakis and shorts that have pretty detailing but are still functional. You can find pieces that flatter a woman’s figure while still looking relaxed. You can keep more sporty looks feminine by choosing easy separates with clean lines that don’t add bulk and feel like a second skin. Remember sloppy and bulky are never hot.

Another tip for keeping things laid back is to really think about color to keep things pretty. You don’t have to choose dull colors like gray or green just because that’s how men dress down. Instead, lean toward feminine colors that are flattering in bright daylight. If you expect to spend the whole day outside, steer away from black (too severe) and white (too easily stained). Prints are another fun option to keep your look ladylike. Remember casual outdoor dates are about having fun in the sun. Incorporate some of that sunny attitude into your outfit.

The Accessories

Clearly, you never want to be that high-maintenance woman who can’t have fun because she didn’t wear the right shoes. Nothing can be more tiresome than trying to connect with your date when it’s hard to even think because your feet are throbbing so bad or your heels are sinking into the grass.

Comfy tennis shoes, sandals and flats are now available in a wide range of ultrafeminine designs and colors. They are actually quite trendy. So you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort anymore.

Keep in mind that it might be wise to keep your best accessories at home. Don’t bring your most expensive bag or antique pearl bracelet. This is not a date to sport preciously delicate items that could easily get ruined. Fretting about them will only distract you. Instead opt for durable bags like canvas totes and jewelry that could withstand a bit of the elements.

The Makeup

For makeup tips, we’ve brought in Neutrogena’s makeup artist Matin to give you some step-by-step instructions on how to achieve a natural, healthy glow. A look that protects your skin from the harmful elements while making it look perfectly sun-kissed, so you can enjoy the great outdoors. Watch the Video Now!

Here are a few of Matin’s tips for a perfect outdoor glow.

First, you want to make sure to use a foundation that is light in texture, a touch darker than your complexion and has SPF. Our favorite is Neutrogena Healthy Skin Glow Sheers.

Follow up with a powder bronzer to give you a natural, sunkissed glow. Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Bronzer works great and it also has SPF protection. Apply bronzer where the sun would normally hit your face, which would be the highest points (forehead, bridge of your nose, your cheeks and even your neck.)

For perfectly rosy cheeks be sure to choose a blush color that matches your skin. Looking at the tip of your finger can help you choose what family of color you should be using. (Neutrogena Healthy Skin Blends Blush blends perfectly into your skin.) To properly apply blush, smile, and brush blush on the apples of your cheeks.

For the complete look and more secrets from Neutrogena’s celebrity makeup artist Matin, click here.

The Attitude

Too many times singles approach dates like job interviews. This casual day out in a beautiful setting is a great opportunity to let your hair down. Focus first and foremost on having fun. This is an opportunity to literally stop and smell the roses. Seize it. Breathe some fresh air and enjoy good conversation, and let your inner sparkle shine through as if you were wearing a ball gown.