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Buddhist Dating – Finding Love on the Path to Fulfillment

Buddhism is the traditions, practices and pursuit of spiritual development to gain true insight into the nature of reality, on the path to true enlightenment. Today, Buddhism and its teachings are followed by people of all cultures and backgrounds, united in the central dharma and spiritual oneness of life. It now is not just the 4th biggest religion in the world but also the 4th biggest in the U.S. 

It’s a path that can be followed alone or one in which you find a partner on your Buddhist dating journey that contributes to your sense of happiness and personal fulfillment. Buddhism teaches you to pursue unconditional love. We look at life and some of the challenges for Buddhist singles in this pursuit and why eharmony can help you in your journey in finding the person you were born to be with.

Some buddhist dating stats

Here are some U.S. based statistics on Buddhist singles and the dating scene1:

  • There are about 1.6 million single Buddhists in the U.S.
  • The gender split for Buddhists is pretty even at 51% men and 49% women.
  • The national median age for practitioners is 39, which is quite close to the national average.
  • Almost 40% of American Buddhists live in Southern California, making it the most active Buddhist dating scene along with Hawaii, which has the highest rate of Buddhism at 8%. 

Some of the dating issues buddhists face

Buddhist teachings leave a lot open concerning how free people are to pursue the romantic relationships that work best for them. However, there are a few biases and preconceptions people have that can prove an obstacle for modern Buddhist dating.

Buddhists are very diverse group

Having a shared background and values are a big motivator behind wanting to meet other like-minded singles, as there are no doctrines on the matter. However, the practice of Buddhism can vary quite widely, depending on what school you follow and your own cultural background. So, while meeting and dating other Buddhists may be a good starting point, you do have to delve deeper into your commonalities to establish whether there’s any romantic potential.

Some people think the concept of non-attachment means aloneness

In contrast to Christian dating or Muslim dating, one of the central principles behind Buddhism is personal fulfillment through a type of spiritual detachment from the things in your life. Many, particularly those new to or outside of the religion, can inaccurately view this idea – along with the strong focus on solitude during meditation and Buddhist retreats – as a pursuit of isolation that might be incompatible with a healthy modern relationship.

There is no regular social nexus for buddhists

Places of worship have the added social function of serving as a central meeting place for followers in the community. However, unlike many other major religions that have venues where followers congregate, Buddhism doesn’t have a regular venue where followers come together to pray and socialize. While there are Buddhist temples, adherents are also invited to practice their religion from home.

5 advantages of a buddhist dating site

Some Buddhist singles wonder if a dating site is really the right way to find that special someone who shares the same values and interests. We summarized the characteristics of a Buddhist dating site for you:

  • Focus on shared values: When it comes to Buddhist dating, some sites may prioritize matching individuals who share similar values, beliefs, and practices related to Buddhism. This may include principles such as compassion, mindfulness, non-violence, and self-awareness.
  • Community-oriented: Buddhism places a strong emphasis on community and connection, and a Buddhist dating site may reflect this by providing opportunities for users to connect with like-minded individuals beyond just dating.
  • Mindful communication: The site may encourage or require users to practice mindful communication with each other, which may include active listening, empathy, and non-judgment.
  • Minimalist design: Simplicity and minimalism are often associated with Buddhist aesthetics and values. The site may have a clean, uncluttered design that prioritizes ease of use and clarity.
  • Inclusivity: While Buddhism has many distinct traditions and practices, a Buddhist dating site may aim to be inclusive of diverse perspectives and experiences within the broader Buddhist community.

What makes eharmony special to find someone to share in your journey

You may have tried a Buddhist dating site in the past to get in touch with other singles. Where eharmony is different is we focus on connecting relationship-minded singles based on your personality and relationship goals. Here are some of the reasons not just Buddhists but people from all walks of life have found what they’re looking for on our platform.

1. Buddhist dating based on true compatibility

Everything at eharmony begins with compatibility. That’s why, as soon you register with us, we get you to complete our Compatibility Quiz. This quiz is quite simple, but it’s designed by our experts to delve deep into your inner-self and explore what you’re looking for from your relationships. The result is your Personality Profile, which becomes part of the blueprint for how our Compatibility Matching System finds other singles who match your personality. The profile is also very useful for its unexplored personal insights.

2. Refine your matches based on what’s important to you

Everyone on our system that meets a minimum requirement of compatibility is placed on your Match List. These are all people we think you’d be a good fit with, but we still leave room for personal taste and certain lifestyle requirements with our advanced filters. Beyond specifying other Buddhist singles, you can also filter for a range of other things like their desire to have children, their income level, education and even their height, amongst many other options. At eharmony, we give you the tools to find your ideal match.

3. Get to know their values before you reach out

Once you’ve gone through your Match List and filtered it down to a list of suitable singles who’ve sparked your interest, you can start exploring their profiles. You’ll have access to their Personality Profiles as well as their dating profile. Our profile sections are different from your standard profile on a Buddha dating site in that it has much richer detail about the person and in a much more engaging format. Sections include:

  • A fact file with important biographic information
  • Personal quote
  • Who Am I?
  • About me
  • Hobbies

Buddhist dating: Connect fully with those you date

Buddhism may be a path that doesn’t require a partner to fully experience it but it’s also a path where sharing it with someone special to you can enrich and add untold dimension to this journey, lending weight to the immeasurable and support to that which we can’t shoulder alone.

At eharmony, we don’t just help you find someone on your Buddhist dating journey. We help you find the right someone and build meaningful relationships with compatible singles across communities, ideologies and all the imagined borders that separate us. Join eharmony now to experience a real connection.  

How Buddhist dating works
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  1. These figures are estimates based on religious and national social and registered marital status demographic census data by PewResearch.