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Singles in Buffalo: Finding Love in the Queen City

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

Buffalo is often overshadowed by its bigger and more famous sibling on the other side of the great state of New York. But for singles, Buffalo is a great choice. The city has a slightly slower pace that’s not quite as frenetic as the Big Apple, but is still made up of a diverse crowd and has lots of things to see and do in the city itself. Plus, Buffalo has a population that’s nearly 70%, which leaves it as a top city prospect for those looking to date. Once you add in spectacular views, the small town vibe with big city amenities, and the great food scene, falling in love here is easy to picture.  

Dating in Buffalo can be a challenge, but worth it

In 2017 Buffalo was ranked one of the worst U.S. cities to date in according to an Apartmentlist.com survey. The survey found that only 12% of single men and women in Buffalo expressed satisfaction with the city’s dating scene.

Part of the blame can be laid at the feet of traditional dating – the pressure to put on your best face, the limitations of only being able to meet people in your area, not to mention the awkwardness of striking up a conversation with a stranger. And for Buffalo singles specifically, the brutal winters make staying in sometimes much more appealing than going out to the bars.  

How to meet people in Buffalo

When it comes to traditional dating, there are definitely some reasons to be optimistic. Here are some of the best places to meet singles in Buffalo:

  • A tour of one of the city’s many areas of historical interest, like City Hall, or Buffalo and Erie County Military and Naval Park, is a great way to meet history inspired men or women.
  • Take a class at one of Buffalo’s many community or four-year colleges. You not only learn something you can also get to know someone with the same interests.
  • Sure, it’s cold, but going to a hockey game is a great place to find someone who will celebrate to with you even when the games are over.

Buffalo Singles can find love in a few clicks with eharmony

But what if the idea of bar crawls or having your friends set you up with that gorgeous single doctor they know doesn’t appeal to you? Going online can take the stress out of dating in Buffalo. You can narrow down your options from the comfort of your own home, and spread the net wider if there’s no one suitable in your city or even your state. Plus, online dating lets you look for just the kind of partner you want, no matter how narrow your niche.

Buffalo singles who’ve found love with eharmony

You might find your knight in shining armor, like Judy did when she found Dave. The couple met on eharmony and had had two great dates when an ice storm left Judy without power, water, or heat. Luckily, David was only a call away and rushed over to Buffalo with a carload of supplies. That’s when they both knew they had found their person.

Want to expand your search out of your own city? Well it’s possible, just ask Elaine and Ned. The couple were both in their sixties when widowed Elaine met divorced Ned on eharmony and sparks flew instantly. A long-distance relationship wasn’t easy, with her in Buffalo and him in New York, but the two of them made it work, helped by family support and the feeling that something larger was at work. After a year, Ned moved to Buffalo to begin his new-found home with Elaine.

Awesome Queen City date ideas

Okay. You’ve met someone and the two of you get along great, at least virtually. Now it’s time to take the leap into the real world. Fortunately for Buffalo singles, there are some great first dates to choose from:

  • Take a long leisurely stroll around the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens and get your fill of gorgeous views and great conversations.
  • Or go old-school at Misuta Chow’s, where you can play vintage arcade games all night.
  • Warm up during winter with an ice bike ride at Canalside.

Now is the perfect time to try dating in Buffalo

In Buffaloe, singles are especially spoiled for choice, whether it comes to the number of people to date (nearly 70% of the population), or things to do (bars, hikes, walks, museums…). And with eharmony, online dating in Buffalo is than ever. Sign up for an account and take the first step towards your next great relationship today!

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