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How and where Omaha singles meet

by eharmony Editorial Team - January 1, 2023

It’s said that good things often come in small packages. No saying more perfectly encapsulates the city of Omaha, one of the U.S.’ more modestly sized cities, as it seems to pack all the buzzing diversity of activities, world-class cuisine, and a storied cultural scene to rival any city four times its size.

It’s the ideal setting for Omaha singles, who benefit from the city’s active dating scene – a city where over 52% of the population are currently single1 – while still enjoying the joys of Omaha dating, like friendliness and affordability. Let’s look at how you can start your dating journey.   

eharmony’s Omaha dating check


of the Omaha population is single

according to the US Census Bureau


low cost of dating in Omaha

Top 3 Omaha Date Spots

Dinner at Monarch

Art at Kaneko

Spielbound Board Game Cafe

Finding Omaha dating opportunities in the city

Are you tired of nights out in Old Market? Here are a few places and activities you can explore to meet more Omaha singles:

  • During the golden summer months, there are free concerts in Turner Park every year. These bring together all kinds of people and provide a distinct community energy.
  • If music isn’t your thing, try attending one of the numerous festivals held in the city, like the Annual Greek Festival or the Summer Arts Festival, to meet Omaha dating prospects and one from all over Nebraska.
  • Get to meet new people in a fun atmosphere. The Game Shoppe hosts tabletop board game nights and is open to individual players.

Meeting Omaha singles: How to get started

While you might know where to meet singles in Omaha, initiating that interaction can often be a whole different story:

  • Concerts often inspire a lively, social atmosphere where starting a conversation with a stranger isn’t out of place. Talk about the different artists and see where the conversation takes you.
  • Festivals are similar in their community atmosphere but not as naturally social. There are often communal eating spaces so these are best for approaching Omaha singles. Try not to  catch them mid-bite and keep the conversation light. 
  • With group activities, flirting tends to develop organically. You also have to be lucky enough to be put in the right group. This is more effective for forming social connections that can lead to romantic opportunities down the road.

However, these can admittedly have mixed results. This is why so many Omaha singles are taking it to the dating apps. It’s quicker, easier and geared around romantic interactions.

Why pick eharmony over other dating sites in Omaha?

The reason so many people in the city specifically turn to eharmony for quality Omaha dating opportunities is an authentic approach to online dating. We think your time is better spent talking to authentic, open-minded singles and having genuine connections that grow into real love than just endless swiping.

eharmony does this by offering a very member-focused service aimed toward relationship-seeking individuals looking for meaningful connections. These connections are fostered by a Compatibility Matching System. This algorithm looks at profiles for you and brings back compatible members who suit your personality, lifestyle, dating style and relationship goals.

It’s a method that’s so effective that since launching in 2000, eharmony has helped over 2 million people find love.  

Register now to start interacting with Omaha singles

Want to be part of our journey? Signing up is incredibly easy:

  • When you join, you complete the Compatibility Quiz. This is a questionnaire designed by relationship experts to find crucial insights about your personality and other lifestyle traits.
  • Now you put together your profile with some interesting information about you, your interests and hobbies.
  • Now that you’ve got a profile that draws people in, check out your Match List. You can narrow down the list by things like age, height, education and desire for children along with many more filters. 
  • Find some Omaha dating prospects you like and get in touch. Send them a message, an Icebreaker or send a Smile.

The best time to start Dating in Omaha is right now

With its buzzing calendar of local events throughout the year and the abundance of places and opportunities to meet all kinds of interesting Omaha singles, the city is so much more than the Gateway to the West. It’s also a gateway to meeting someone who gets you.

The path to that gateway can sometimes be winding, which is why you could always use a travel partner to help you along the way until you get there. Let eharmony be that partner and start your dating journey today. Sign up now. 

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  1. According to US Census data 2021