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This is South Dakota

South Dakota Singles – Find Real Love in Mount Rushmore State

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

Singles in South Dakota make up 47% of the state’s population. In this state you never know when you might bump into someone who is perfect for you. So, go take a stroll through downtown Sioux Falls, check out the SculptureWalk, enjoy a visit to the National music museum. The state is full of cities with tons of recreational options, great lifestyle amenities and natural wonders to explore.

With a vibrant cultural environment and exceptional dating amenities, South Dakota offers more than just a great view of Mount Rushmore. Dating here amongst the stunning cliffs, majestic rock formations, and crystal-clear water can be a surreal experience.

The beauty of South Dakota is it’s quaint and peaceful lifestyle. The state has so many wonder singles for you to stargaze with – go find your special someone.

What makes South Dakota so special for singles – From the Black Hills to the rolling Prairies

SD is like one big small town, where people are so warm and surroundings so picturesque.

South Dakota offers breathtaking dating destinations. Hot air balloon ride at the Black Hills, a performance or movie screening at the Aberdeen Community Theater, and hikes along the stunning Roughlock Falls Trail – your dates are sure to be unconventional, but a lot of fun.

Happening cities for singles in South Dakota

South Dakota is a great place to be single in no matter what the age of stage of life. So, then the question becomes, if you’re single in this big state, where do you want to be? Well, here’s a list of the best cities for singles in this state.

  • Brookings is a little city located on the beautiful Southern Oregon Coast and you should take advantage of the stunning outdoor spaces it offers – McCrory gardens, Harris Beach State Park, and Lone Ranch Beach are some hidden gems to explore and meet new people. Demographics data confirm, 65% of Brookings’ people are singles.  
  • Sioux Falls has the breathtaking Falls Park, the Butterfly House & Aquarium, Old Courthouse Museum, and the lit Arc of Dreams that are frequented by singles. These outdoor spaces are great to meet, strike a conversation, and make new connections.
  • Madison singles make up for 61% of the city’s population! Discovering Madison’s hike trails along Lake Monona Loop implies a chance to meet your hike partner who could possibly be your forever person.

Advantages of online dating in South Dakota

Tradition dating is great, but has its challenges, which is why more people are turning to dating apps to help them find their perfect partner.  

In South Dakota, dating apps, like eharmony, have fundamentally altered the dating landscape for the better. While most dating apps are focused on the swipe culture with profile pictures at the forefront, eharmony is more focused on connection and compatibility.

Science of Compatibility

Rather than just introducing you to singles in South Dakota, eharmony helps you to get to know your matches on a deeper level. Using the Compatibility Quiz the dating site and app asks questions that are then used to help understand who you are and what you’re looking for in a partner.

The results of the quiz are also used to create a personality profile. The goal of the profile is to help you understand how similar (or different) you and your matches are based on traits such as personality, relationship behaviors, attitude, etc.

Other perks of signing up on eharmony

  • Active and diverse membership in 190+ countries.
  • A customized online dating experience that will assist you the entire way.
  • Communication tools that will help you begin a conversation.
  • Effortless matching system that delivers the most compatible profiles to your inbox.

Dating in South Dakota – Every day is Valentine’s day with eharmony

South Dakota has urban attractions and rugged natural beauty – from the dramatic landscapes of Badlands, to deep underground caves and the larger-than-life presidential monument of Mount Rushmore, South Dakota’s landscapes provide novel dating destinations. Exploring this unique state with a special someone will be a rewarding experience. South Dakota singles, you are in the right place at the right time! Sign up with eharmony, for getting a nudge in the right direction. With the odds in your favor, what have you got to lose?

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