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Japanese Dating: How to Connect with Like-Minded Singles Today

If you’re currently looking for your next relationship, why not make it a meaningful one? eharmony can help discover new ways of Japanese dating near you. We match you with people based on what you’re looking for in a partner in combination with our innovative Compatibility Matching System, which intelligently seeks out other singles you’d be a good fit with.  

The good news is that there are Japanese singles all over the world. Especially in the U.S. you’ll find 576,000 single Japanese people1. So, it pays out to take a look at the international Japanese dating scene in more detail. What are the best ways to meet singles and how can eharmony help you along the way successfully? 

Looking to meet some Japanese singles in your city the traditional way

Here are some of the ways that single Japanese people are connecting both in the U.S. and across the world.

Join a sports and social club

Try revisiting an old sport or perhaps, even try a new one at your local sports and social club. The useful thing about these clubs is that they cater to people of all skill levels and also host several co-ed leagues. Whether you’re a novice or a natural athlete, it’s a great place to stay active while getting the chance to discover new people. These clubs also often hold social events and activities for their members, offering an opportunity to meet all the members and, possibly, some new Japanese dating opportunities.

Go to a live music show

Few events can beat the vibrancy of a live music show, regardless of what genre is your personal favorite. The communal aspect of fans listening to music together creates a very social energy that makes it easy to encounter and interact with new people. You could also try attending a local music festival, which tends to draw in crowds from neighboring towns and cities as well as international tourists. 

Explore your options online

Japanese dating prospects can sometimes feel scarce, depending on where you live in the country. So, if you’re looking for a better idea of the local dating landscape, an online dating service can quickly offer a clear perspective on what your local options are. Given the limitations on how much we socialize and the circles we travel in, one often underestimates how many suitable singles there are around us. But if you can’t find anyone who catches your eye nearby, you can always cast a wider net to neighboring areas.

The perks of using eharmony instead of a classical dating site for Japanese

If you’re looking for singles who share your cultural background, it’s understandable to be drawn to niche dating services geared specifically towards your ethnicity. Unlike many traditional Japanese dating sites and apps, eharmony draws on over 20 years of experience in the industry and a time-proven Compatibility Matching System that has helped over 2 million people find love. Let’s look at why we’re so successful at putting couples together.

1. We have a large user base of all cultures and ages

eharmony has a longstanding and trusted reputation in the online dating industry as well as a commitment to an inclusive, open-minded user-focused platform. For these and many more reasons, we have built up not only a very significant user-base but also a very diverse one, representing each dimension of modern society. This diverse user-base enables us to properly refine and tailor your Match List so that you’re only presented with Japanese dating opportunities we already think would suit you. This puts you on a solid footing from the outset, ensuring more engaging and meaningful connections on our platform.  

2. You can Video Date first to establish chemistry

eharmony has several tools for connecting with people, beyond traditional text-messaging. From Icebreakers to Smiles, we strive to make interactions on our site as dynamic as possible for Japanese dating. One of our most popular features is the Video Date! After exchanging a few messages, you can set up a fully secure Video Date with the other person. This can be done on both our desktop site, right from the comfort of your own home, or on our mobile app, while you show your match some of the local sights and sounds. A Video Date lets you have a face-to-face without needing to physically meet up. So, you can get a feel for each other and whether or not you share a connection. 

3. A system designed to get to know the real you

One of the reasons our Compatibility Matching System is so effective at helping people find love and differs from other Japanese dating sites is our Compatibility Quiz. You complete it when you first sign up with us. The test includes straightforward questions like, “What do you want your partner to like about you?” combined with more abstract questions like asking you to choose which you prefer between two shapes. These have been designed by our relationship experts to explore both your conscious perspective of yourself as well as unconscious personality traits, you have not picked up on until now. The result is your Personality Profile, a concise and easy to read report on the various dimensions of your character and dating style. This profile forms the basis for how we match you with others on our platform.

Japanese Dating: Following Your Own Path to Love

From dancing in the crowd at a live music show to casually playing in a weekend baseball league at your local sports club, there’s no shortage of ways to meet and explore Japanese singles. But if you want to save some time and start connecting with people today, using an intuitive platform that will actively seek out people you’d be compatible with, eharmony’s here to help. See who’s out there. Register for a free with eharmony today.

How Japanese Dating Site eharmony works

Your search for a great relationship has never been easier with groundbreaking overhaul of the eharmony you know and trust.

  1. These figures are estimates based on ethnic population and national social and registered marital status demographic data by PewResearch.