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3 Things That Turn Men Off To Relationships

Have you experienced any of these things in your dating life?

– He doesn’t call back and you have NO IDEA why.
– You go on 2 or 3 great dates and get close, then you have what feels like a “strange” talk and he stops calling.
– A man suddenly goes from seeing you as a fun and fantastic woman to seeing you as more of a friend he isn’t interested in.

If so, odds are, you’re a great women but you’re having a disconnect with the man you’re interacting with.  If you know in advance what triggers a man’s flight instinct — and turns him off — you can create those feelings and experiences for him where’s he’s literally addicted to being with you, and can’t stay away from you.

Sometimes it’s good to know what NOT to do first. Here’s a simple list of things to NEVER DO early on when you’re getting to know a man.


1) Over-Pleasing

When you’re getting to know a new guy, it’s natural to want him to feel good, to do things to make him like you and want to be close to you…BUT this can be a big MISTAKE. Not only does over-pleasing not allow him the space to come towards you, it can cause him to have icky feeling inside that makes him think, “This person wants or needs me too much.”  If you are trying to make him interested in you by complimenting him, doing nice things for him, and being available to him at anytime he shows interest…STOP trying so hard.

Being too available and trying too hard to can make you come across as needy and insecure, even if you don’t actually feel that way. It’s strange with men, but you don’t have to actually be needy to have a man get turned off by him perceiving you as needy.

2) Leading with ‘Relationship

It’s great to be clear and want a relationship, but a man will likely be resistant to getting close with you if you lead your interactions with the agenda of needing to get into a relationship. This is a surefire way to kill a new situation and the attraction a man is feeling for you. Here’s the thing — it makes sense to communicate that you are interested in a relationship with a man on the first few dates when things go well. But the truth is that it doesn’t help you to talk “relationship” with a man this early on. In fact, it can hurt you. Aside from not allowing yourself some time and space to really get to know and choose your future partner… wanting to rush into a relationship can be a real ATTRACTION KILLER with a man.

I call this the “Instant Relationship” mistake, and TONS of women make this mistake in one way
or another without really knowing they’re doing it. Don’t make it easy for the RIGHT MAN to mistake you as the WRONG WOMAN for him, by having him feel like you’re trying to rush into a relationship.

3) Not Knowing Your Own Boundaries

Have you ever spent time with a man who didn’t seem “available” emotionally, but you were hoping that a meaningful, committed relationship would come together anyways, and that he would come around? When you hide your true intentions, you eventually feel out of control because not only are your needs not being met, they haven’t even been expressed and they come out in subtle passive ways that create a disconnect between you.

As soon as you feel out of control and panicked, your guy will sense it. He may not know exactly what it is, but it will make him uneasy about having a relationship with you. If you know what you’re looking for and you’re clear about finding it for yourself, without demanding it from the guy you’re dating, you’ll be more at ease AND he will be more likely to be interested in a relationship and a future.

Doing these 3 things with a man is a sure way to have him stop feeling that special connection with you.  If you want to get better outcomes and results when it comes to men, and you want to
be able to communicate with a man in a way that brings him closer… then oftentimes you have to STOP doing what “made sense” in the past and instead start doing the things that make him FEEL ATTRACTION for you.

When you create amazing EXPERIENCES with a man to the point where he’s constantly feeling that intense connection and attraction, he will practically be begging you for more in your relationship.

I’ve helped thousands of women – single and in relationships – to create the kind of intense attraction that leads to loving and lasting relationships (and prevents a man from pulling away from the relationship when things get tough).

I’ll talk to you again soon, and best of luck in Life and Love.

Your Friend,

Christian Carter

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