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Great Second Date Ideas to Keep Things Going

by eharmony Editorial Team - November 22, 2023

First dates can be a bit of a hit or miss. But when they go well it can leave you feeling energized and excited about your potential connection with this new person. You may even already be sensing a relationship in the air.

But first, you need some second date ideas. You want to create a new experience together, distinct from the first, yet still use how much they enjoyed the first date as a guide for what they like. So here are our top 15 ideas for what to do on a second date, specifically curated to what you did on your first. 

We also have another article with some helpful general tips and insights on how to approach a second date.

Fun second date ideas

These second date ideas are for when your first date was a more romantic one, like dinner at a fancy restaurant. So, use this second date as an opportunity to show them your more fun and playful side, making the date more active and engaging.

This can also be a good opportunity to see if you have similar definitions of fun and explore each other’s sense of humor. After all, laughter is how we often relate to each other, and compatible humor can tell you a lot about your chances together.

  • Go to a café or bar – In terms of date night ideas, these are useful because they let you still talk while enjoying a drink and a lot of the perks of a conventional date. But you also get to battle it out in your favorite board games. How competitive they are and which games you each tend to veer to, respectively, can also tell you a lot about the person. Are they a Scrabble nut or is Candyland more their game?
  • Attend a comedy night – Everyone likes to laugh and these events can help infuse your date with a light, casual energy. Comedy nights also help you establish a shared sense of humor so make sure to pick a comedian or comedy night you often like and see how they react to their sets. 
  • Go to a flea market together – Browsing through odd curios and finding hidden bargains can give you a good idea of how you get along in a more casual setting. As fun second date ideas go this one can be a bit risky so make sure you have a backup venue in case you get bored after a while. Make sure to pick a popular one with more diverse yet still somewhat upmarket stalls.  
  • Hit up a music festival – Seeing if you have similar music tastes doesn’t have to make or break a potential relationship but it can be a nice, simple thing to bond over as your connection grows.  In this instance, it’s better to pick a more relaxed day festival as night festivals can sometimes be a bit intense for some people. Also, try to pick an event you think you’d both enjoy from what you learned about them on your first date.
  • Visit the local zoo – There is no blueprint for what should happen on a second date so why not make it a bit whimsical with a day at the zoo? Plus, it combines a nice active day together with a little sense of adventure as you explore all the different sections. It can also help you see where their sensibilities lie, in terms of a fun day out. 

Now let’s look at when it may be a better choice to go a more romantic route.

Romantic second date ideas

Many singles opt for a more active first date – such as going for a hike together in the park or cycling around the city – as public outdoor settings tend to put people more at ease when meeting someone they don’t know personally for the first time.

These can be fun and engaging but sometimes don’t leave as much room for more getting to know each other. But when it comes to second date ideas in this instance, you’re going to want to go for a more romantic and intimate setting where you can both be more at ease.

  • Take in the view at a rooftop restaurant – For those wondering, is dinner a good second date, this can be a nice scenic twist on a classic. Rooftop restaurants in most cities also tend to have more of a party atmosphere, giving you the privacy to talk openly and explore deeper topics than your first date while also providing a vibrant and exciting backdrop.
  • Go on a wine-tasting tour together – Wine tours are a good excuse to explore your city and some out-of-town vineyards, in some areas. In terms of second date ideas, these are ideal for spending an extended period of one-on-one time while still in a culturally engaging setting. After all, you want to see how you two get along beyond the nervous conversation of a one-hour coffee date
  • Organize a special picnic in a picturesque spot – While this can also be considered part of fun date ideas, the tone of a picnic is all about what you decide to pack and the place you decide to have it. Try a little harder with this one, like a nice bottle of wine or champagne, some pastries from a bakery you found out they like and maybe even some strawberries, if you’re feeling traditional. Location is also important. Try to pick out a scenic place you know they haven’t been before. 
  • Take a dance class together – This can be a bit of an experiment but learning something new together can be a really powerful bonding experience. The important thing is not to take it too seriously and focus on the fact that it’s an opportunity to be closer together and see whether you have a compatible rhythm, which can also tell you something about the potential of your connection.  
  • Cook them something special – If your date feels comfortable coming to your house at this point and you’re wondering what to do on a date, this can be a nice simple, intimate option that also lets you show off your culinary skills. After all, nothing impresses a potential partner more than someone who knows their way around a kitchen. Just remember not to expect anything more than a nice dinner at that point.  

But what are some more creative options for a second date? Let’s take a look.

Creative second date ideas

Many singles opt for a more casual first date that doesn’t put too much pressure on the situation like a coffee date during your lunch break, a gallery tour or a cocktail together at your favorite local bar. But now you’ve built a bit of connection during your brief rendezvous and wondering, what should happen on a second date?

Now could be a great time to explore if you have a shared sense of adventure and whimsy while indulging in some things that may be new and exciting to both of you. So why not challenge your new blossoming connection with some out-of-the-box second date ideas? 

  • Go skating – Depending on either of your skill level this date may involve a lot of slipping and sliding as you both try to find your footing. But these clumsy falls can help you see if you have similar sentiments when it comes to silliness. It also gives you a lot of time to hold hands and share some snacks as you explore more complex aspects of each other’s personalities.
  • Take a class together – Try to make it something you both don’t know much about so you can bond as you learn this new skill together. It can also give you a good idea of your chemistry, as working well as a team isn’t that different from being in a healthy relationship. Cooking classes are often a good option on most people’s list of good second date ideas.
  • Be a tourist in your own city – We all think we know our city like the back of our hand, but it would shock you how many hidden gems have been around you the whole time. Try to make up a list of them together and then start your adventure around the city on a sunny Saturday morning. It will give you plenty of one-on-one time and you’ll get to have a fuller picture of what kind of things and landmarks interest them.
  • Go to an after-hours museum night – Many museums host monthly after-hours nights to encourage more visitors. This can show off a more cultural side to a potential partner. They also tend to be more interesting than your typical museum visits as there aren’t any kids running around, smaller crowds and delicious cocktails. And they tend to curate more immersive exhibits to fit the night theme.
  • Design each other a meal – Go to a design-your-own sandwich, pizza, dessert place, or anywhere that lets you put together your own dish and choose for each other. This can be a whimsical experiment and a good sign that you have solid instincts about each other’s tastes. It’s also possibly a chance to be playful and add some more eccentric ingredients, just as a playful prank

The key to creative dates is to make it different from the norm and show your date your more unconventional side.

Good second date ideas should be based on your connection

Second dates are so important because this is when you get past the giddy and anxious phase and start to explore how that person makes you feel and the viability of your connection. So whatever second date idea you choose, make sure that it’s something that you’re quite sure your date would enjoy from the basic information you gleaned from them on your first date. But also make sure that it’s different from what you usually do so you can make it a distinct and memorable event for both of you.

But first, you need to make that connection to begin with. If you are struggling to find a good first date, let alone thinking about a second one, eharmony specializes in creating and sustaining meaningful connections for the relationship-seeking singles of our platform through a scientific approach to compatibility. Try it out and see for yourself today. Join now.

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