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Chattanooga singles find the scenic city a great dating prospect

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

Chattanooga may not be one of Tennessee’s biggest cities, but when it comes to activities and beauty, it definitely is high on the list. Chattanooga also has lots of things for singles to do and see like visiting the Chattanooga Caves, touring the Tennessee Aquarium, or even taking a cruise down the Tennessee River. And with 60% of the population in this city being single, there’s no excuse not to find someone to go with on an adventure.

Finding love in Chattanooga

In a 2018 WalletHub survey, Chattanooga singles rated the city one of the lowest in the region. While at first glance this may seem strange, it makes sense when you consider that many Chattanooga natives get married young. Don’t be too discouraged by this statistic, with new people constantly moving to the city, your prospects for finding love grow daily.

In addition, nearby Nashville offers Chattanooga singles more attractive prospects, with more nightlife and among other things. And sure, there may be more opportunities to date more traditionally, but that also brings the hassle of going out to bars and the awkwardness of chatting up a stranger. In Chattanooga, the big city chaos is gone and the charm of the city lends a more friendly feel for dating.

How to start dating in Chattanooga the traditional way

If you decide to put down roots in Chattanooga, here are some of the best places to meet other singles:

  • New to the Scenic City? Try joining different activity groups. There are plenty of groups throughout the city so you’re bound to find one that interests you.
  • Go to a bar… and do more than just drink with your friends. Don’t be shy to go up to people and say introduce yourself. Making new connections is a great way to expand your social circle.
  • Or go take a class. You’ll learn something new and you might find a study buddy along the way.

Why online dating with eharmony is a success

When it comes to a small town like Chattanooga you stumble upon small town problems like the closeness of social groups and feeling like there’s a sixth degree of separation with everyone in the city. But, that’s where online dating can really work for Chattanooga singles, either by letting you expand your search outside the neighborhood bar, or by letting you have conversations with people you might not otherwise be comfortable approaching.

There are tons of quick and easy dating apps, but if you want something more long term, give eharmony a try. The site’s unique Compatibility Matching System pairs you with singles that share your values and vision for your relationship. A long, detailed personality profile – which you create when you sign up – makes sure that you’re connected on a far deeper level than simple swiping can offer.

The best money these singles ever spent

Steve, was deeply skeptical that eharmony could help him find a partner given all of his baggage including a divorce. But one membership and personality profile later, he was presented with matches, one of whom was Kitty. The site’s Compatibility Matching System put these two together and an unbreakable connection was made that continues to hold strong over the years.

First date idea tips in Chattanooga 

You’ve mustered up the courage to get a date, but now the question is where should you take them?  Luckily, Chattanooga has tons of first date options.

  • You’re in Tennessee, you should definitely try some whiskey. Take a tour of Chattanooga Whiskey and sample some excellent locally brewed whiskey.
  • Looking for something a little more traditional? What about a romantic sunset cruise on the river with your date?
  • Or you could take your date to Chattanooga Caves, where classical music and a dazzling light show against the cave’s waterfall make for a stunning first date experience.

Chattanooga singles, there’s plenty of possibilities

Dating in Chattanooga, which was rated the most livable city in the US for its work-life balance, easy access to nature, fantastic downtown, and rapidly growing jobs sector, is a great idea for many reasons. And with eharmony, you can find a special someone to take advantage of all the Scenic City has to offer.

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