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Columbus Singles: A Guide to Discover Love in the Discovery City Columbus

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

The decision to rename it Flavortown may not have succeeded, but it can’t be denied that one of the main things drawing singles to Columbus is the great food scene. There’s also a fantastic art scene, more parks than you can imagine, a gorgeous downtown, and of course the Buckeyes. Add in that 62% of the population is single, and it’s obvious that it’s a great time to try dating in Columbus.

Why some Columbus singles find it hard to date in Buckeye City

Columbus has been described as The Biggest Small Town in America, which can be seen as both good thing and bad thing. Like any good small town, it’s rare that you’ll ever meet a stranger in Columbus – the city is filled with people always willing to lend a hand. And while the small town trait sounds ideal, Columbus’ size also works against it – it’s a big city, with spread out neighborhoods and little public transportation. Plus, the traffic can be a hassle, especially on game days. But you shouldn’t let that put you off dating in Columbus – there’s so much to see and do in the city it’s worth the effort to find someone to share it with.

How to meet people in Columbus

Here are our picks for the best places to meet singles:

  • One of the best things about Columbus is the easy access to all kinds of outdoor activities. Try joining a local hiking club, or even the Hoover Sailing Club, to meet fellow outdoorsy singles.
  • The outdoors not your thing? Columbus has your back. Try a pottery class at Marcy’s Clayground – there’s nothing like a little mess to break the ice with fellow singles.
  • If you’re a fitness junkie, joining a yoga class or even a swing dancing class is a great way to get your 30 minutes in while also meeting new people.

Dating online in Columbus with eharmony leads to success

Given the busy pace of modern life, it’s no surprise that Columbus singles are increasingly turning to dating apps rather than sticking with the old-fashioned way. Online dating lets you both expand your dating pool and narrow down the possibilities until you find just the right person. And going online makes looking for a partner as easy as looking at a picture and swiping.

But, if you’re one of the Columbus singles looking for something more than a meaningless swipe, there’s hope for you too. eharmony lets you get to know future partners far better than just a profile pic, and lets you do it at your own pace. You can send a Smile if you’d like to start small, or an Icebreaker (which is a pre-prepared question) if you’d rather a low-stress way to get the conversation going.

Second Time Lucky With eharmony

While Mark had met someone previously on eharmony, she wasn’t right for him. He’d made the decision to let his membership expire when he received a message from Noel – and right from the start he knew he had to get to know her better. Messages turned to emails turned into an actual date, and even that early in the relationship, Mark knew he’d met the girl he was going to marry – and sure enough, eventually he did.

Top 5 fun Columbus first date ideas

Our picks for where to take your date in C-bus:

  • If you or your date like art, the Short North Gallery Hop is a great first date.
  • Try a paint-and-wine night at Studio 614 in the Italian Village and walk away with a souvenir of your first date.
  • Go old school with a drive-in movie date at South Drive-In Theater and Flea Market.
  • Or get a dose of science during date night with an evening at COSI.
  • Or go fancy with a walk down the Scioto Mile and dinner at Milestone 229.

Singles in Columbus have a Smorgasbord of date opportunities

For all its small-town charm, Columbus is no slouch when it comes to things to see and do, from the staggering number of parks to great-and-getting-better food scene to the city’s two pro teams. Which is why you should waste no time finding someone to share Columbus with. Sign up for eharmony and get started on your Cbus love story today.

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