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Reno Singles: Find Love in the Biggest Little City in the World

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

No, Reno isn’t Las Vegas… and that’s a good thing. While Sin City is all glitz and glamor, Reno has a little bit more substance underneath its style. From the fast-growing café culture to the well-established arts scene to the gorgeous natural surroundings to, yes, the casinos, there’s plenty of things for Reno singles (56% of the population!) to see and do in the Biggest Little City in the World.

eharmony’s Reno dating check


best city for singles

according to Wallethub study


of the Reno population is single

according to the US Census Bureau


medium cost of dating in Reno

top 3 Reno date spots

Dessert at The Arch Society

Comedy at Laugh Factory

Rose Garden at Idlewild Park

Reno dating problems

Singles rate the city high for its ratio of single women, above-average safety, and number of bars, but traditional dating in Reno can still be a challenge if you’re not the kind who cares much for late nights. The same thing applies to casinos – while Reno doesn’t have as many as Las Vegas, gambling is still part of the culture here, which can make it a little harder to find a partner if that’s not your thing. Luckily, there’s plenty of scope for meeting singles in Reno even if you aren’t the barhopping or slot-playing kind, as you’ll see in the next section.

Where and how to meet Reno singles

  • If you’re new to town (and even if you aren’t) the Reno Newcomers and Neighbors Club is a great way to meet fellow singles.
  • Reno has some absolutely gorgeous views, and there’s no better way to take advantage than joining a photography club. You might even meet your muse!
  • Take a class at the University of Nevada – it’s a great chance to add to your resume and you just might find a forever study buddy, too.
  • If traditional classes aren’t your thing, you could always try swing dancing at the Biggest Little Swing Dancing Club, and maybe pick up a partner along the way.

Taking Reno dating into the 21st Century

Unlike its flashier sibling, Reno is a bit of an old-fashioned city… in a good way. Built on tradition, hard work, and a love of simple things, in Reno what you see is what you get. As time goes on, though, singles in Reno are looking for love online. Dating online means you can sidestep people only looking for a night or two and instead find the deep, lasting connection you want.

Your words matter with eharmony

At eharmony, we know that a swipe just isn’t enough sometimes – you don’t just need a picture, you need words. That’s why eharmony’s user profiles, aside from being designed to be clear and easy to read, are long and detailed. This gives you the chance to really get to know any potential partners before choosing to take things further.

On your profile, you can upload multiple photos and show off the various different aspects of who you are. There’s also a ‘Personal Quote’ section for a quick snapshot of your personality. Want to update more frequently? Use the handy ‘What’s on My Mind’ section to do so.

Talking about yourself can be stressful, so eharmony provides a list of short, simple questions, plus a place to list all your hobbies. You never know who’s also traveled to Bali, or likes the same offbeat band you do!

If you’re in a rush, or want to make sure any potential partners know the most important things about you right off the bat, your profile has a ‘Who Am I’ section with four important questions – ‘I’m Thankful For’, ‘Best Life Skills’, ‘Things I Can’t Live Without’ and ‘My Friends Describe Me As…’ – a great way to start a conversation!

Various tips for a perfect first date

There’s so much more to do on date night in Reno than dinner and a movie. Our suggestions:

  • Take a romantic stroll down the Riverwalk and enjoy eachothers’ company – and all the great street art on offer.
  • Get physical with a rock climbing date at Basecamp, or bike part (or all!) of the Tahoe-Pyramid Trail.
  • An evening spent looking at the world-class exhibits at the Nevada Museum of Art is a great way to get some culture in… and you have built-in talking points!
  • Or head to Death & Taxes for a dark spooky speakeasy first date.

Reno singles, time to take a chance on finding love

If it wasn’t obvious before, Reno is so much more than a watered-down Vegas. The city has great sights, even better food, and a surfeit of things to see and do no matter whether you’re a casino rat, a history buff, an art aficionado, or all three. And with eharmony, finding romance is easier than ever for Reno singles, so sign up today!

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