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Singles in Jacksonville: A Guide to Find Love on the First Coast

by eharmony Editorial Team - July 28, 2020

Trivia time: did you know that Jacksonville is the largest city, area-wise, in the lower 48? It’s true and because of that it’s no wonder then that Jacksonville singles have so many things to do, from watching tigers roam around at Catty Shack Ranch to spending the day at one of the city’s many gorgeous beaches to enjoying great live music in the birthplace of Southern Rock. Bonus fact: 55% of the population being single in Jacksonville. So, there’s plenty of opportunity to find a partner.

Size matters when it comes to dating in Jacksonville

The city’s size is one of its biggest advantages… and a big challenge, too. Spread out as it is, Jacksonville is even larger than Los Angeles, which means biking and walking as forms of transportation aren’t really possible, except in downtown and specific neighborhoods. In addition, public transport isn’t a great option, either, which makes going out to restaurants, hitting the beach, or taking advantage of all the wonderful cultural events the city has to offer rather difficult, unless you have a car. So while the convenience isn’t necessarily there, with planning, singles in Jacksonville who don’t drive can still make it work.

How to meet people In Jacksonville

Like the rest of the Sunshine State, Jacksonville is warm and friendly to outsiders and natives alike. Here are some of the best places to connect with other singles in this city:

  • Drop by Java Game Haus or Cool Stuff Games for an evening of board games. You might even find a permanent gaming partner!
  • Volunteering, whether at MOSH, the Bird Emergency Aid and Kare Sanctuary, or a local community program is a great way to give back while looking for singles in Jacksonville.
  • Take Rover and head to Dog Wood Park with your pet. It’s a four-legged paradise for your pooch to roam while you meet fellow dog-loving people.

Why Jacksonville singles are looking for a partner online

So you already know, Jacksonville is BIG. The prospect of a long drive – and traffic can be enough to make the idea of dating in Jacksonville a little daunting. Which is why taking your relationship search online is a good option because you can meet single men and women in Jacksonville, or the surrounding areas, from the comfort of your own home.

eharmony puts compatibility center stage

At eharmony, we take finding your next great relationship very seriously. So, if you’re not the swiping kind, we get it. If you’re looking for something real, we understand and are here for you. Unlike other dating apps, eharmony’s approach is one focused on compatibility. You will be matched with singles who are truly compatible with you and the various aspects of your life.

How? Once you sign up and complete our Compatibility Quiz, you will receive your Personality Profile based on 32 characteristics. These characteristics are then evaluated using our Compatibility Matching System to calculate a Compatibility Score between you and all of your matches. The higher your shared scores, the greater your chances of a meaningful relationship.

Great ideas for a first date in Jacksonville

Regardless of how you meet someone, online or otherwise, meeting someone in person for the first time can be a little intimidating. And then, to have the added pressure of picking a date spot can make it that much more nerve wracking. So, let us help – here are our suggestions for the best date spots:

  • The Cummer Museum of Art And Gardens – in addition to being both gorgeous and romantic – has one of the finest collections in the Southeast, making it a perfect culture-heavy first date.
  • A walk around the Riverside Market with your date is the perfect opportunity to find new favorite foods while getting to know each other better.
  • Do dinner and a movie with a twist: watch something at the gorgeous Sun-Ray Cinema, then head to The Mini Bar to discuss it over adorable tiny donuts.

Start dating and find love where Florida begins in Jacksonville 

There’s so much to see and do in scenic, historic Jacksonville – great food, exotic animals, world-class museums, all around some of the most beautiful shorelines. And with such great weather to do it in it seems that the only trouble singles in Jacksonville will have is finding someone to do it with. Luckily, that’s what eharmony is for – sign up today!

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