A Safety Reminder from eHarmony

Like many of you, we have been reading the recent accounts of a woman who was allegedly assaulted by a man she met on Match.com. We extend our deepest sympathies to the victim. Incidents like this are a good reminder of the importance of using good judgment when meeting someone new for the first time, regardless of where you meet them.

We applaud Match.com’s decision to join us and start screening members against public sex offender registries. We’ve been doing this for years with eHarmony subscribers who reside in the United States and it has allowed us to keep many known registered sex offenders off of our service. It’s just one way we are committed to looking out for your safety.

While we’re always looking to do more with the latest screening technologies and resources, it’s important to keep in mind that you also play an important role. Unfortunately, registries can be incomplete or inaccurate, assaults and other crimes often go unreported, and perpetrators of crimes are not always convicted. Relying solely on screening can provide a false sense of security.

So what can you do? If you haven’t looked at our Safety Tips page lately, we suggest going back for a refresher. It contains good information about the precautions you should take when meeting someone new in person, such as:
• Keep your guard up and use good judgment when getting to know someone new
• Take it slow and get to know your matches well
• Always go for your first few dates in a public place
• Let a friend or relative know where you are at all times and check in with them if your date is going well and you’re going to be home later than you had planned
• Never invite someone you don’t know well back to your house

If you ever are concerned about one of your matches for any reason, please send an email to matchconcerns@eharmony.com so we can investigate and take appropriate action. We have a team dedicated to our members’ safety and close accounts immediately when we receive a credible complaint about someone’s suspicious behavior. We’ll notify you whenever someone is removed from the service, so please pay attention to those emails if you ever receive one and stop all communication with that person.

We’re always interested in your feedback. Please drop a comment below if you have ideas, comments or suggestions for how we can continue to provide the best possible eHarmony experience.

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