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Six Signs Your Relationship Will Outlast Infatuation

by eHarmony Staff

The best romantic relationships include both passion and a great friendship.

They are committed to each other’s contentment.

When you begin to sense that the person you love is becoming more and more aware of the “real you” and trying to help you get your deepest needs satisfied, you are on the edge of a rich and fulfilling experience.

They know that trust is tantamount.

This means having the reassurance that your lover will provide support and stability through the hard times of life. All of us experience frustrations and failures—and what a comfort to have someone who will stand by you through them all.

They don’t panic through the ups and downs of life.

Over a long period of time, romantic feelings come and go. They flair up at unexpected times and you’re reminded all over again of the excitement of falling in love. But other times feelings are not so strong. A man and woman united by friendship realize that their relationship is built on stronger stuff than shifting emotions.

They have shared dreams and plans for reaching them.

Couples who dream great dreams together tend to love each other most. And when they strategize about how to reach their dreams, they are frequently the happiest.

They protect their mutual respect.

This means the partners consistently confer dignity, honor, and high worth on each other. In contrast, lack of respect leads to all kinds of relational woes—putdowns, dishonesty, cheating—which are sure to sink a relationship eventually.

They simply enjoy being together.

The most solid relationships include people who flat-out like each other. They can talk about significant things or superficial things. They can easily while away a Sunday afternoon or a whole weekend together. They are comfortable in each other’s presence without the need to impress. As you look ahead to a lasting love relationship, be sure to find someone who can be both a friend and a lover.

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