What is the Compatibility System?

The Formula for Love

Love can feel difficult to master, but our trademarked Compatibility System based on our 32 Dimensions of Compatibility is here to help you find a relationship that lasts.

How eharmony Works

We’ve been connecting couples for the last 20 years. With our Compatibility Quiz, you first get to know yourself so you can find the matches that stack up in the areas that you care about most. Here’s how it works:

The Compatibility Quiz

Your eharmony dating journey starts with the Compatibility Quiz. The quiz captures your individual personality with about 80 questions and forms the basis for your matches. The Quiz takes around 20 minutes to complete from start to finish.

A Lesson in Love

Your answers determine your 32 Compatibility Dimensions, which include things like communication style, how you approach people and how you see the world. These dimensions and many more are crucial in connecting you with people who we feel will make the best matches.

“Be sure to give both your heart and your head a say as you assess if and how a potential partner fits into your life.”

Set Your Preferences

These dimensions are also weighted with your personal preferences like location, age, and much more. You can edit these at any time in your settings within your eharmony profile.

“By taking action and seeking out the things you want in life, you can make sure that you aren’t getting in your own way and allowing anything to hold you back from realizing your dreams.”

Dating Redefined

Dating never stops evolving and never will, so our team of relationship experts are constantly monitoring social trends to integrate their findings. Within our Compatibility Quiz, more than 80,000 subjects were involved to ensure a quality matching process. We’ll never stop working to help you find your next relationship.

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