What are eharmony Icebreakers?

Icebreakers are one of several communication options available to members. If you’re not quite ready to start a full-blown conversation via a message, they’re a great way to “break the ice”. You can send an Icebreaker from several areas on your account.  

From the Homepage, if a match is on your Matches Tab, you can click on the Ice Cream Cone icon to send one to your match. You can also click on the match to go into their Profile. From within a Match’s Profile, just click on the “send an icebreaker” icon just above the Inbox tab.  

From the Messages tab. Click on the icebreaker button that appears in the messages window.  When you decide to send an icebreaker, you will be presented with 5 pairs of photos. Choose your favorite for each one. Once you’re done, your match will receive these and can then do the same. Once you’ve both made your choices, you can see how similar they are.